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An Interview With Evelyn Doikin, Graduate Of IFFAsia

cs20140116_evelyndaikenEvelyn Doikin, 25, hails from Tamparuli, Sabah, and works as a youth coordinator at YouthPREP Centre prior to joining IFFAsia. After completing a year’s formation at IFFAsia, she will take on a leadership role at the Centre and will be directly involved in the training and development of peers as well as coordinating programs.

Below she shares her IFFAsia journey:

IFFAsia has helped me to increase my self-confidence and to take on a more proactive role in giving service. My spiritual life has improved and I discovered more of myself. IFFAsia has also helped me to understand more about the roles of the young people in the Church and society at large.

The formation program offers four modules: Human, Social, Spiritual, and Pastoral.

I was most attracted to the Pastoral Module. In the module, I discovered many new things in life. It has helped me improve my skills, both leadership and communicative, and has enhanced my self-confidence. It has enabled me to have a better understanding about the needs of the Church and society through the sessions and exposure of pastoral internship, the Spirit of Vatican II, pastoral/development leadership course, youth ministry, discernment skill, mission project, etc.

Part of the formative process was community-living. This was my most memorable experience because it allows me to experience living with people of different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. Learning of the challenges they encounter in their country, the way they proclaim God in their life, the desire to serve the poor and reaching out to young people really touched me.

All the events were well prepared and effectively implemented. Events such as the retreat on Personal Development Plan, towards a New Life, Faith Walk, and Mission Project have enriched my self-confidence. Our daily interaction has cemented the bond in our relationship with one another. It is this good relationship bonding that makes my journey in IFFAsia joyful, and an experience of God’s love and mercy. It has made my vision clearer and made me more prepared to reach out to the young people.

After going through the formation process, I realized that I have changed, not only in terms of my understanding, perception and belief, but also in understanding more about the Catholic faith, and how to develop a disciplined prayer life and to bring out the leadership in me and others.

The formation really awakened in me a spiritual understanding of the things of God. My heart and desire was set ablaze to serve God. I become aware of my strength and interest in life and in God’s power, and that my strength is found in knowing, loving and serving Him. I want to bring peace to others because of the peace that I have received from Him.

My experience during the Mission Project in Vietnam and Cambodia encountering young people, FBOs, NGOs, and the poor was enriching. It really opened my eyes to see the reality of the new trend of the modern world. During the Mission Project, I got to know the local situation in Cambodia, its political-social economy, religious and cultural environment. It helped me to have a better understanding of the social mission of the Church and to have a deep sense of engagement in the process of dialogue on peace among the different religions and cultures.

The Mission Project, an initiative and an integral component of IFFAsia’s formation program has created opportunities for students to be involved in dialogue-in-action regarding peace-building. It provided us with the knowledge, skills and the right attitudes needed in our pastoral involvement. The program has also increased the awareness and my understanding of the challenges of migration, human rights, and post-civil war rebuilding process and its impact on society.

In sum, IFFAsia provides a holistic formation which prepares every young lay leader for mission in terms of training in Human & Social Formation, Skill Training, Spiritual and Pastoral and Theological Formation, Integration Planning for projects on the ground.

As Pope Francis says, “No one is useless”, and from time to time if anyone is told to “go home, you are no good”, this is not true.

All people are important. They are to play their roles in the community and in the Church as servant leaders, to serve others, to use their talents and potential to benefit society.

I believe young people can bring transformation for a better world. They have the power and energy to contribute to the development in society.

As young people of God, we are invited to love and serve Him, to share our tiny faith with one another, to evangelize and to love one another. We are an important agent of change, a great resource for social development.

Be the light of Christ! We are called to spread the word and live the faith!

My heart is filled with gratitude for all the supporters and sponsors for their support in prayers and financial assistance.

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