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Thought for November: Advent 2013

As we enter into Advent, let us just think of the protagonist of this period of waiting. Think about one girl, whose “yes” permitted the creation of that unimaginable joint venture between God and man represented by the incarnation. It is thanks to that courageous and joyful “yes” pronounced by that Jewish girl two thousand years ago, that it was possible for God’s plan for our salvation to be carried out. A radically new event, inconceivable and certainly not comparable with the ancient myths about hierophanies. What happened within the walls of the humble home in Nazareth when Mary said to the angel: “Be it unto me according to thy word,” allowing the Son of God to begin to form in her womb, “And the Word became flesh” is the most moving place in the Holy Land. The place where God, assuming our nature, filled the immeasurable distance between us and heaven, and became a child and then a man, never to abandon us again. At the beginning of Advent, the waiting time that precedes the celebration of Christmas, a heartfelt thanks goes out to that brave and simple girl, to that woman at the summit of all creation, for having uttered that “yes” that made her mother of God and Mother of us all. – CS

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