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this month in history

1887 Arrival of Fr Kurtz to Bundu Kuala Penyu
1931 Entrance to Carmelite Monastery by Katie (Therese) Perkins & Willie (Assumption) Goh
1949 Talk on Legion of Mary by Fr Moran CSsR, director of Singapore Curia
1977 Formation of SH Charity Outreach Services under Martina Voo & Stella Yong
1983 Formation of CWL Inanam

July 1

1978 Daniel Kong appointed fulltime PAX Permanent Secretary
1995 Start of six-month zone level youth festival

July 2

2017 MYTC chapel celebrates 10th anniversary

July 3

1981 Youth leadership seminar in Penampang conducted by Ben Topin, Pascalis Claudius, Christianus Tunggolou, Fr Nicholas Ong & Fred Jinu July 3-5
1993 Final profession of Sr Lily Sorop rgs in Tenghilan
1995 Seminar workshop on PAX pastoral planning BTRC July 3-7
2001 RCIA workshop by Msgr Thomas Tivory BTRC

July 4

1965 Death of Fr Martin Connolly mhm
1982 Fr Louis Kessels mhm leaves Sabah for good
2002 Study day of Faith Encounters in Social Action (FEISA) V organised by FABC-OHD July 4-6
2003 Parish catechetical coordinators retreat Sulaman Lake Resort Tuaran July 4-6

July 5

1885 Arrival of FMSJ Srs Helen, Mary, Teresa, Aloysius & Josephine with lay carpenter Mr Coyle and Msgr Jackson
1987 Blessing of new St Pius X Bundu Tuhan by Bp Lee
2002 Seminar for RCIA facilitators Tg Aru July 5-7
2016 Mini-PAX Assembly for Inanam-Manggatal-Telipok July 5-7 BTRC

July 6

1997 Golden jubilee of Fr Brian Coogan mhm
1998 Priestly ordinations of Deacon Fundes Motiung (Kepayan), 33, and Saimon William (Membakut), 35, by Bp Lee SHC KK
2002 West Coast Student Fellowship gathering CDC

July 7

2001 Final professions of Srs Florence Nemesius, 30; Mary Wong, 34; Regina Kimung, 34; Stella Maris Tg Aru officiated by Bp Lee
2002 Inauguration of Children’s Liturgy St Simon Likas under Sr Teresa Chye rgs
2017 Inaugural Family Life Consultation BTRC July 7-9

July 8

1956 Priestly ordination of Deacon Jan vd Salm mhm
1981 Silver jubilee of Fr Jan vd Salm
1995 Stella Maris Parish Renewal (LSS) July 8-16
2017 Archdiocesan Teachers Day hosted by St Peter Claver Ranau

July 9

1939 Priestly ordination of Deacon Peter de Wit mhm
2016 Final profession of Sr Laura Anggie fsp, officiated by Bp Cornelius Piong, St Theresa Tambunan

July 10

1857 Msgr Cuarteron and companions reach Lokpuri Sepangar Bay
1944 Carmelite Nuns forced to leave their enclosure to take shelter in St Michael School Penampang during WWII
1983 Inauguration of Bible Sunday (2nd Sunday in July) in Malaysia by Abp Chung
12th PAX Assembly: Open the doors to the Redeemer, SHPH.  Guest speaker: Fr Noel Hanrahan mhm July 10-12
1999 Final profession of Br Egbertus Jaikul fsc St Martin Tampasak, officiated by Bp Piong

July 11

1954 Priestly ordination of Deacon Michael Henselmans mhm
1992 First deaf couple Lam Yah Po & Joyce Raymond marry at SHC KK by Msgr Piong
1995 1st profession of FSIC Novices Liliana Gubod, Olga James, Doris Abiu & Clara Orou, Loreto Convent Chapel, officiated by Bp Lee

July 12

1980 Blessing of new Holy Rosary Church Limbahau by Bp Fung
1984 Inauguration of Holy Hour for Vocations SHC KK
1992 Death of Sr Margaret of St Pius X (Winnifred D Neubronner) in Guam of major stroke
1994 Ecumenical visitors from Heilbronne Germany July 12-27
CLAYE II evangelisation seminar Sandakan July 12-27
2002 Follow up programme of 2001 PAX Assembly BTRC July 12-14

July 13

1953 Foundation of FSIC novitiate house in Dontozidon
1984 Seminar for trainee teachers KK Seminary July 13-15
1995 CCR regional leadership renewal weekend Sandakan July 13-16

July 14

1955 Formation of 1st North Borneo LOM Curia, SH Primary School Jesselton
1978 Seminar for Gaya College students KK Seminary July 14-16
2001 Fr Nicholas Ong receives “Most outstanding environmental volunteer of the year award from Sabah Environmental Protection Association (SEPA)
2002 Launching of Bible Formation for the Laity Programme by Regional Bible Commission

July 15

1946 North Borneo becomes British Crown Colony
1985 Bishop Fung diagnosed to have stomach cancer
1988 3rd adult catechesis for parents SHPH
1990 launching of FSP cassettle album Ekasristi Sumber Kehidupan Kita by Fr Jan vd Salm SHPH
1993 formation of Papar SFO
2003 Bp Lee presents a paper on Christian Perspective on Religious Pluralism, Intercultural Tolerance & Understanding at an interfaith seminar organized by the Institute for Development Studies & Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Beach Hotel Tg Aru.

July 16

1946 Priestly ordination of Deacon Thomas Sham in Canton China.
1947 First baptism (Agnes Chok Chun Moi) recorded in Lahad Datu by Fr Ben Davis.
1971 Silver jubilee of Fr Thomas Sham.
1979 Catechetical course in Sandakan July 16-21
1987 Golden jubilee of Sr Mary Agnes of the Angels (Alice Liew of Brunei) ocd
1996 Golden jubilee of Fr Thomas Sham.
1998 Meeting of parish bible committees in KK Diocese.
Retreat for CWL regional coordinators BTRC July 16-19
2018 1st Malaysian Catholic Clergy Assembly Plentong July 16-20

July 17

1927 Priestly ordination of Deacon James Buis mhm
1983 Silver jubilee of Fr Jan Heuschen
1993 Silver jubilee of Sr Mary Carmen (Vianney Dagul of Putatan) ocd
2009 Death of Fr John Mary Chin ocd in Taiwan

July 18

1881 Arrival of Fr Daniel Kilty in Labuan from Kuching
1964 Death of Fr Adrian Grent mhm
1993 Mini-PAX in Tg Aru
2002 Family Life & Pastoral Counselling Seminar by Fr John Shea osa & USA & Holy Cross Sr Catherine Bernard of India SHPC July 18-20

July 20

1924 Priestly ordination of Deacon John Leo Quinn
1931 Blessing of 1st Carmelite Chapel Jesselton by Msgr Wachter
1995 Regional Bible Commission meeting CDC July 20-21
2002 Priestly ordinations of Deacons Johnny Raju, 37, & Federick Raymond, 30, of the Neo-catechumenal community by Bp Lee SHC KK

July 21

1972 Youth retreat by Fr Van Gastel KK Seminary
1983 Centenary of SMJK St Mary Sandakan, visit of Fr A Mulders and of Heilbronn Germany

July 22

1954 Death of Fr Augustine Willems mhm
1982 11th PAX Assembly: Year of the Bible July 22-24 SHPH
2001 Final professions of PKarm Srs Veronica & Ancilla Kaingaran Tambunan, officiated by Bp Piong
2002 Arrival of Chinese Sacred Heart of Mary Srs Gertrude Yap & Teresa Yong in Sandakan
2017 Launching of the new Catholic Centre by Abp Wong and Tan Sri Bernard Dompok, SHPC

July 23

1979 Catechetical seminar by Fr Lino Banayad, Sr Patricia dc and Ms Baby Endaya KK Seminary July 23-28
1998 Deepening of diocesan vision for catechists (PEKA) July 23-25
1999 Death of Sr Mary Xavier Chin fsic, 75, Loreto Convent

July 24

1883 Foundation of SRK St Mary Sandakan by Fr Prenger with five boys
1973 Vocation seminar KK Seminary July 24-26
1977 Communion in the hand starts in the KK diocese
1987 Basic journalism seminar by Fr Robert Astorino mm of UCAN CDC
1993 Workshop for Family Life Pre-nuptial course faciltiators July 24-25 CDC
2003 120th foundation anniversary of SRK St Mary Sandakan

 July 25

1936 Death of Fr William van Odijk mhm
1976 Vicariate Apostolic of Kota Kinabalu raised to Diocese of Kota Kinabalu
2003 Seminar for wardens & chidren’s liturgy facilitators Labuan July 25-26
2009 Priestly ordination of Deacon Ronnie Alfred Luni by Bp Piong
2015 Final profession of Br James Anting sg

July 26

1927 Fr August Wachter appointed 1st Prefect Apostolic of North Borneo
1998 Inaugural parish catechetical coordinators meeting CDC
2011 Penampang changes its parish day to this date

July 28

1972 Visit of Apostolic Delegate Msgr Moretti July 28-Aug 8
1974 Bishop Chung visits Labuan
1986 Arrival of Heilbronn visitors led by Werner Reiter & Fr Othman Moeller
1996 Fr Bruno Yasun leaves for a licentiate course on biblical theology Urbaniana Rome

July 29

1989 20th AGM of Catholic Nurses Guild July 29-30
1992 Diocesan Youth Day July 29-Aug 2 CDC/Tg Aru
1994 CANA Marriage Enrichment Experience Seminar Tawau July 29-31
2017 Installation of new Board of Governors of St Philip Primary School Tamparuli attended by Abp Wong

July 30

1879 Msgr Cuarteron leaves Borneo for good
1998 29th AGM of Catholic Nurses Guild

July 31

1973 3rd PAX Assembly July 31-Aug 1 KK Seminary
1981 10th PAX Assembly: 100 Years of Good News July 31-Aug 2 Penampang
1983 Formation of Light of Jesus Christ Covenant Community (LJCCC) SHC
1984 3rd statewide Raffle Draw
2011 Priestly ordination of Deacon Alberto David sj by Bp Piong
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