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this month in history

1887 Opening of Kopimpinan mission station (near Limbahau) by Fr Kurtz
1935 1st batch of seminarians (Stephen Chong & Louis Lo) sent to Arbedeen Seminary Hong Kong
1972 Forced departure of Frs Putman, McDonald, Tijsen & Goedhart from Sabah
1973 Fr Tobias Chi takes over as CS editor (hon)

Dec 1

1978 1st walkathon organized by Sabah Catholic Welfare
1983 1st profession of Carmelite novice Genevieve of the Holy Face
2012 Pope Benedict XVI accepts Abp Lee’s resignation, Coadjutor Wong succeeds him
Year of Faith launched in Tawau

Dec 2

1981 Blessing of new St Peter Kudat by Bp Fung
1987 Training programme for colloquium facilitators by IJ Srs Eilis Cassey & Rita Dec 2-4
2002 Death of Dtk Seri Panglima Frederick Jinu

Dec 3

1976 Blessing of new St Francis Xavier Keningau by Bp Fung
2005 Priestly ordination of Deacon Wilfred Atin by Bp Lee Ranau
2011 Priestly ordinations of Deacons Florian Marcus & Postinus Kurup by Abp Lee SHC
2015 Bundu Kuala Penyu hosts parish youth assembly Dec 3-5
2016 Archdiocesan Pastoral Council Meeting, CAC

Dec 4

1975 13 choirs take part in inaugural interparish choral competition SHPH
1987 Healing seminar by Fr Gino Hendriquez Dec 4-8 Sandakan
1998 Journeying together forum I Dec 4-6 BTRC
1999 Environmental seminar CDC
2004 Priestly ordination of Deacon Thomas Madanan by Bp Lee Kota Marudu
2018 Ruby jubilee of Sr Grace Deosing fsic. Celebration on Apr 21.

Dec 5

1972 Teachers seminar by Education Commission Dec 5-7 KK Seminary
1977 Seminar on pastoral psychology by Fr Francis Parisi sj Dec 5-9, KK Seminary
1983 Vocation seminar Tambunan Dec 5-8 Tambunan
Seminar for primary school teachers Dec 5-15
1986 Chinese Bible Youth Camp Dec 5-7 BTRC
1999 FSIC 7th General Chapter Dec 5-7 – Sr Cecilia Liew, 59, elected as superior general 2000-2005
2002 Pastoring Together in the next 25 Years Assembly Dec 5-7 BTRC
2015 St Michael Penampang hosts Parish-level Carols by Candlelight
St Edmund Kota Belud hosts Forum Berjalan Bersama Programme in conjunction with the arrival of the Youth Cross

Dec 6

1903 Priestly ordination of Deacon August Wachter
1920 Death of Fr Aloysius Keyzer mhm
1974 4th PAX Assembly Dec 6-7 KK Seminary
1976 Inaugural statewide youth camp: A New Heart Dec 6-11 Kionsom Inanam
1996 FSIC congregational planning facilitated by Fr Manny Guazon Dec 6-12 BTRC
2015 LJCCC brings Christmas cheer to Kg Gosusu Kota Marudu
Winners of Spiritual Song Wirting Competition receive their awards from the organisers Friends of St John Vianney (FSJV) at the 10th anniversary of Fr Wilfred Atin at Mayflower Restaurant Bundusan

 Dec 7

1930 Arrival of Fr Alfred McCarthy as assistant rector of the minor seminary
1987 1st profession of FSIC Novices Martha Boijon & Elizabeth Munggai
1998 Final profession of Sr Julita Joseph fsic
2012 Silver jubilee of Sr Elizabeth Munggai fsic
2016 Death of Fr Aloysius Tung Chien Chee

Dec 8

1857 Inaugural Mass celebrated at Lokporin Sepangar Bay at Our Lady of Bethlehem Chapel by Msgr Cuarteronh
1930 Opening  of Immaculate Conception Minor Seminary Jesselton by Fr Valentine Weber
1976 Fr Michael Henselmans mhm leaves Sabah for good
1978 Visit of Fr Ian Petit osb of England Dec 8-26
1985 FSIC golden jubilee of foundation
1986 1st profession of Carmelite Novice Mary Genevieve of the Holy Face (Mary Sang of Papar)
1988 1st profession of FSIC Novices Evelin Tivit & Sandra Yapp
1990 Priestly ordination of Deacon Gilbert Engan by Bp Lee Beaufort
1992 Final profession of Srs Clarice Jomitin, Margaret Shak, Elizabeth Munggai officiated by Bp Lee SHC
1993 Final profession of Srs Evelin Tivit & Sandra Yapp officiated by Bp Lee St Michael Penampang
1997 Silver jubilee of Srs Magdalene Sepanggil, Colette Kinajil & Genevieve Nicholas SHC
1998 Silver jubilee of Sr Clare Lombigit fsic
1999 Silver jubilee of Srs Emily Tangah, Felicity Moduying & Leonie Jokunin
2003 Final profession of Srs Anita James, Winner Tuaran & Liza Jamat officiated by Bp Lee Tg Aru
2015 Launching of Jubilee Year of Mercy/opening of Holy Door by Pope Francis at St Peter’s Basilica Rome/Launching Mass for Jubilee Year by Abp Wong SHC

Dec 9

1945 Priestly ordination of Deacon Gerard Preyde mhm
1976 NFP seminar by Sr Rosalind Chan fmm in Tawau
1995 Golden jubilee of Fr Gerard Preyde mhm
2000 Silver jubilee of Fr Moses Lui

Dec 10

1883 Fr Daniel Kilty leaves Borneo for India
1971 Statewide youth seminar Dec 10-13 KK Seminary
1976 Death of Fr Georg Lampe mhm
1978 Priestly ordination of Deacon Peter Kim Se-mang sj of Sandakan in Petaling Jaya
1982 LSS by Fr Brian Coogan & Fr Hurley Dec 10-12 Sandakan
1986 Golden jubilee of Sr Incarnacion (Alice Lind) ocd in Miri
1988 Final profession of Srs Rosario, Jude, Dolores, Hilary & Lawrencia, St Michael Penampang
2005 Priestly ordination of Deacon Paul Lo by Bp Lee Kudat
2016 Gaya Christmas 10km NIght Run
2016 Journalism Training Workshop for Catholic Writers Tg Aru Dec 10-11

Dec 11

1949 Blessing of postwar Sacred Heart Church Jesselton by Bp Buis
1975 Bp Fung’s pastoral visit to Tawau Dec 11-15
1994 Launching of Labuan parish newsletter “One Parish One Family One Mission” by Fr Jan vd Salm
2012 Death of Sr Assumpta Chong fsic, 96
2015 Closing of Academic Year for Initiation Year & Aspirants

Dec 12

1960 Death of Fr Albert Luppes mhm
1977 Statewide vocation seminar Dec 12-14, KK Seminary
1978 Statewide vocation seminar Dec 12-14, KK Seminary
1986 Priestly ordination of Jesuit Deacon Joseph Fung by Archbishop Chung SHC
2002 KK catechetical commission retreat  Dec 12-14 Borneo Paradise Kinarut
2013 Federation of Christian Mission Schools Malaysia presents letter to Federal Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyyddin Mohd Yasim on National Education Blueprint, Putrajaya
2015 Opening of Door of Mercy by Abp Wong SHC
2016 Malaysian Bishops Meeting KL Dec 12-14

Dec 13

1966 Priestly ordination of Deacon Augustine Amandus by Bp Buis Limbahau
1976 NFP seminar by Sr Rosalind Chan fmm Dec 13-15 Kudat
1989 Formation of Lahad Datu Chinese Coordinating Committee
1991 Silver jubilee of Fr Augustine Amandus
2015 Opening of Door of Mercy at Holy Rosary Limbahau, St Peter Kudat, St Peter Claver Ranau
2012 Sabah bishops hold dialogue with Labuan education officials, CAC
2016 Gaya Christmas Celebration Padang Merdeka Dec 13-16

Dec 14

1969 Priestly ordination of Deacon Felix Chung by Bp Carlo van Melckebebe Tg Aru
1978 Priestly ordination of Deacon Alexander Induku by Bp Fung Tambunan
1982 Sabah Catholic Welfare Office transferred to Taman Hiburan Penampang
1994 Silver jubilee of Fr Felix Chung
1998 Orientation to campus life Dec 14-19 Ranau
2002 Silver jubilee of Sr Mary Magdalene Alex of the Risen Christ ocd
2012 Closing of Initiation Year and English Year by Abp Lee
2015 Bp Gitom opens Holy Door at St Mary’s Cathedral Sandakan

Dec 15

2012 CWL officials gather for YoF seminar CAC
SPC seminarians serenade the Carmelite nuns
2013 Launching of Rakan-rakan Aspiran dan Seminarian (RASS) KK
2015 Gaya Christmas Celebration Lintasan Deasoka Dec 15-17
2016 Initiation Year Closing of Academic Year

Dec 16

1987 Death of Fr Louis Dassen mhm

Dec 17

1966 Priestly ordination of Deacon Michael Mewo by Bp Buis Sandakan
1986 Seminar on liturgical services without priest by Fr Cosmas Lee
1991 Silver jubilee of Fr Mewo
2002 Silver jubilee of Sr Martha Jonik fsic

Dec 18

1880 Priestly ordination of Deacon Edmund Dunn mhm
1930 Arrival of seven Carmelite Nuns from Madrid Spain: Mother Joseph Mary, Srs Marianne of the Angels, Mary Joseph of the Sacred Heart, Casilda of St Therese, Maria Theresa of the Virgin of the Pilar, Margarita of Jesus & Novice Concepcion of the Most Holy Trinity
1977 Blessing of new St Patrick Membakut by Bp Fung
1985 1st profession of FSIC Novices Margaret Shak of Labuan & Clarice Jomitin of Penampang
1986 Final profession of Srs Sylvia, Helen, Florence, Caroline, Francisca, Lucy, Judith & Juliana officiated by Msgr Lee Tg Aru
2010 Terawi becomes a parish with Fr Peter Abas as resident pastor

Dec 19

1982 Blessing of Lahad Datu bell & belfry by the parish priest & unveiling of commemorative bronze plate in memory of Fr John Clementi by MCS Rajayah.
1984 Death of Fr John van Haaren in Germany
1985 Final profession of Srs Lilian & Annunciata, Loreto Convent

Dec 21

1997 Ecumenical “town cleaning” activity organised by Sabah Council of Churches (SCC)

Dec 22

1986 Blessing of St Benildus Formation House (FSC) Tg Aru by Msgr Lee
1991 Blessing of St Peter Chapel Brumas Sabah Softwood Plantation by Frs Tung & Tsen
2012 Ruby jubilee of FSIC Sr Genevieve Nicholas and Sr Magdalene Sapanggil

Dec 23

1973 Inaugural children Christmas party by Labuan Parish Council

Dec 24

2015 Death of Br Charles O’Leary fsc

Dec 25

1957 Catholic Sabah starts life as a Kadazan church bulletin by Frs Michael Henselmans & Florian Jud for Penampang and its outstations
1959 Inaugural printed copy of Catholic Sabah in tabloid format
1992 Inaugural Christmas Open House at Bishop’s Residence Dontozidon
1993 Inaugural evangelistic dinner in Tawau
1996 Tropical storm Greg hits Sabah Dec 25-26 w/ Keningau as the worst hit area w/ death toll of 220, missing 107 & estimated RM103 m worth of property damage.  Roof of St Simon Educational Complex blown off.
1999 Blessing/opening of Jubilee Doors at SHC & KSFX
2016 Christmas Open House SHPC 2:30 pm – 5 pm

Dec 26

2000 Launching of Tuaran parish pastoral plan
2016 Fr Cosmas Lee’s ruby jubilee St Simon Likas

Dec 27

1953 Priestly ordination of Deacon Aloysius Tung in China
1964 Priestly ordination of Deacon John Lee Yit Yaw by Bp Buis SHC
1976 Priestly ordination of Deacon Cosmas Lee Khod Min by Bp Fung SHC
1978 Silver jubilee of Fr Aloysius Tung
3rd statewide youth camp Inanam Dec 27-31: You shall be my witnesses
1979 Br John Hoeskstra mhm leaves Sabah for good
4th statewide youth camp Penampang Dec 27-31: For you are my God
1980 5th statewide youth camp Keningau Dec 27-31: Now God’s people
1982 Youth bible camp Tambunan Dec 27-31
1989 Silver jubilee of Bp Lee
1993 Blessing of new St Dominic Kg Lokos Ulu Tuaran
1998 Inaugural KK diocesan family day
2001 Silver jubilee of Fr Cosmas Lee
2003 Golden jubilee of Fr Aloysius Tung
2nd Malaysian Christmas Open House organised by Federal Govt Likas Sports Complex

Dec 28

1977 Foundation of FSIC Kudat
2nd statewide youth camp Tempasak Tampasak Dec 28-31: Springs of Living Water
2003 Closing of SHC centenary celebration
2016 Priestly ordination of Deacon Christopher Ireneus by Bp Julius D Gitom St Martin Telupid

Dec 29

1963 Priestly ordination of Deacon Simon Fung by Bp Buis SHC
2012 Fr William Goh appointed Coadjutor to Abp Nicholas Chia of Singapore
2016 Fr Alex Sipanul’s ruby jubilee Madsiang

Dec 30

1933 Death of Msgr Edmund Dunn mhm
2016 Fr Alex Sipanul’s ruby jubilee Madsiang
Abp Wong’s pastoral visit to Holy Family Telipok

Dec 31

1976 Priestly ordination of Fr Alexander Sipanul Limbahau
1983 Blessing of new SH Church Inobong by Bp Fung
1988 70th wedding anniversary of Thomas Lee & Beatrice Ho (parents of Bp Lee) SHC
1999 Millennium eve celebration organised by SCC Padang Merdeka
2001 Silver jubilee of Fr Alex Sipanul
2010 Priestly ordination of Deacon David Garaman by Bp Gitom Lahad Datu
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