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eusebiaBorn in 640, she was the eldest daughter of Saint Adalbald of Ostrevant and Saint Rictrudis of Marchiennes; great-granddaughter of Saint Gertrude the Elder; sister of Saint Maurontius, Saint Clotsindis, and Saint Adalsindis of Hamay. After her father‘s murder when she was very young, she was sent to the abbey of Hamage, Doudi, France, which her great-grandmother had founded and served as abbess. Gertrude died when Eusebia was twelve years old; the young girl was elected to replace her. Rictrudis, realising her daughter had no hope of governing the abbey, but wanting to keep it under the protection of a noble house, merged Hamage with her own house of Marchiennes, and ordered all the sisters to move in together under her rule. Many of the uprooted sisters, including Eusebia, were unhappy with this order as it kept them from obeying Saint Gertrude‘s last request. After much time and debate, the dissident sisters were permitted to return to their old house, taking Gertrude‘s relics with them, and taking Eusebia as their abbess. The delay had allowed her to grow into the position, and she proved an excellent abbess.  She died in 680 and was buried at her abbey church. – Catholic Online



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