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georgeGeorge was martyred in Palestine in 303 during the persecution of Diocletian at Diospolis (Lydda, now Lod, near Tel Aviv Israel), where his tomb can be found.  Legend depicts him killing the dragon, a symbol of the triumph over evil.  He is the patron saint of several countries and regions, including England.  The veneration of this saint began as early as the fourth century at Lydda in Palestine where a church was built in his honour.  From antiquity this veneration has spread throughout both the East and the West. – CTS New Daily Roman Missal 2012, p 2641; Christian Prayer 1990, p 1117.


adalbertAdalbert was born in 956 in a noble Bohemian family.  He was appointed bishop of Prague while still young.  Twice he retired to Rome due to opposition and he eventually turned his attention to missionary work in Poland, Hungary and Pomerania.  He was killed by the Prussians in 997. – CTS New Daily Roman Missal 2012, p 2643.

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