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shepherds-voiceA very good morning to each and every one of you!

Today is Deepavali holiday.  Many people are taking the chance to relax and enjoy the holiday.  Yet you choose to come here for half-a-day to join this hands-on mini workshop on our parish website.  There must be something in your hearts that drive you to come.  Indeed, by choosing to come to this workshop, it shows that you have some interest to serve our parish through social communications.  For this, I wish to thank all of you.

What is social communication?  It is to communicate the Good News through social media and information technology (IT).  In this information age, people are widely exposed to the use of Internet, tab and smart phone, what more those who are staying in urban areas.  Every minute you see people posting in facebook to share something.  Every minute too you can read updated news on all sorts of websites.  There are also a lot of news about the Church in different parts of the world, about daily readings and reflections of the Word, about the official teachings of the Church, and even live coverage of events presided by our Holy Father.

But all these will not be there in the cyberspace if there is no strong commitment and not enough people to help in doing the research, gathering the relevant materials and uploading them.

Our parish has already a website to reach out to our parishioners.  But we need more people to assist in keeping this website relevant and up-to-date.  So, I hope all of you will try your best to help the parish SOCCOM in this noble work.  Bear in mind that you are doing this not because you are asked to, but because you want to help the parish to share the Good News through social communication.  It is an opportunity to evangelise.

Thank you and may God bless all of you for your generosity.

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