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Ask God to send angels to protect your local hospital

This prayer asks God to surround a hospital with a special angelic presence.

While many of us are familiar with guardian angels, we don’t always remember that God has a whole host of angels that he can send to help us in our need.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church explains, “The Church venerates the angels who help her on her earthly pilgrimage and protect every human being” (CCC 352).

Even though they are invisible to the eye, Catholics firmly believe that angels are everywhere and can have a positive impact on the world, especially when we call upon them for help.

Here is a prayer excerpted from the Roman Ritual that implores God’s protecting help over hospitals, asking God to send his angels to surround all the doctors, nurses and patients.

God, who by the wondrous ministry of angels guard and govern us, appoint your angel to stand watch over this hospital and to drive afar all the powers of evil. Let the sick confined here be shielded from fear and anxiety, and let them recover their former good health.

By Philip Kosloski, 

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