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What other Clergy says about Fr. Felix

Archbishop John Wong: “Fr Felix’s faithfulness exemplary to young clergy”

“Fr Felix was the sixth local-born priest ordained in the Vicariate of KK back then. Among the six, only Archbishop Emeritus John Lee, Fr Francis Tsen and him are still around now. I would say the three of them are considered elders among our local clergy. Their faithfulness to the priestly vocation is exemplary to our young clergy.

“Fr Felix could testify that life as a priest is not always a bed of roses. There were times of frustrations, disappointments, hurts, anger, loneliness and despair. But there were also moments of comfort, joy, peace, hope, fulfillment and closeness to God.

“Thank you for your perseverance in your role as a priest. I pray that you
remain faithful with a good health in your vocation and continue to be God’s channel of grace in many more years to come.”

Msgr Primus Jouil: “You are very tough Fr Felix”

“We are thankful to Fr Felix for the service he has done in this archdiocese. In the early time, there was only one diocese in the whole of Sabah and Fr Felix was running here and there and he was able to do that.

“He experienced a lot of trouble time in his life especially during the turbulent time of the Catholic Church in Sabah when there were very few priests left after our Mill Hill fathers were driven out of Sabah. Felix was one of the few left to serve.

“We are happy to join you in this celebration, it’s God’s gift to you. Not many of us can reach 50 years sacerdotal anniversary. I myself am shivering on whether I can reach that, it’s not easy to get a tough body like you.

“Fr Felix suffered a stroke in 2012, Many people thought he was not going to make it. He was quite sickly but he survived. It means you are very tough Fr Felix,” said Msgr, parish priest in Stella Maris Church.

Fr Peter Abas: Fr Felix ‘The Man of the Poor’

“This is the ‘man of the poor’ in this archdiocese, a man full of commitment to the Lord,” said Fr Abas. He said that generosity is synonym to Fr Felix. “When I was outstation with him, we went shopping and bought a lot of food. I was a seminarian then, so I thought this is the time, I could enjoy all this good food.

But during the next morning, all the kampong people were there collecting the food and I was shocked, I asked him, “Fr Felix, why did you give away all this food? “We have to feed the poor,” he said.

“He always said this to me, “You want to be a good priest, you pray hard. You want to be a dedicated priest, let the Holy Spirit inspire you. Don’t use your personal agenda. You want to become a good priest, learn how to listen to people,” shared Fr Abas, assistant priest in Stella Maris Church.

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