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CSG-UMS Alumni 1998-2018 reunited at Alumnight Dinner

KOTA KINABALU – Close to 160 guests were present at the CSG-UMS Alumnight Dinner held 14 Sep at the Msgr Wachter Centre which brought together alumni members from year 1998 until 2018.

The name ‘Alumnight’ comes from the phrase ‘alumni night’ which also means ‘a night for all alumni’. In other words, this event is one of the special programmes to appreciate the alumni who have given their support in the formation of CSG-UMS from the very beginning until today.

Taking from the theme from Eph 4:3, “Take every care to preserve the unity of the Spirit by the peace that binds you together”, the dinner is also bringing hope to students of the CSG that are still studying at UMS to continue the relationship of the Family in Christ between new CSG-UMS and alumni where the chance to see face to face is limited.

Those who were present were former presidents of CSG-UMS (also know as Catholic Student Community/Group); Maxmillian Takong (1997/98), Elise Elsie M. Dangatil (2002/03), Alfred Joumil (2006/07), Jayronna Johnny (2010/11), Reynold Dulin (2013/14) and Corey Felino Henry (2016/17).

At the same time, Dr Ebon Gansoi former president of the Sabah Catholic Student Society session 1998/99 (which is now known as Catholic Student Society) and former president of CSG-KAL (UMS International Campus Labuan) session 2015/16, Cherril Mitchell Henry were also present.

For the first time ever, the Alumnight Dinner received a great response and support from alumni. Despite their many other commitments, alumni had the opportunity to attend the event and share their experiences of service to the current students. In his welcoming speech, Vincent Chin Yung Fook, current CSG-UMS President, gave thanks to God for the opportunity to bring the alumni and students together in the event.

“Without the guidance, encouragement and example provided by alumni, CSG-UMS would not have been active until now. Dear alumni, keep walking with us and do not forget to pray for us,” he said.

The Alumnight Dinner began with a Praise and Worship session, several performances and a blessing draw (lucky draw). While enjoying dinner in the relaxing atmosphere of that night, guests had a chance to share and socialize with each other. The highlight of the event was the sharing by alumni.

Maxmillian Takong reflected the journey of their services at the beginning of the establishment of the CSG-UMS. Reynold Dulin shared how CSG-UMS began to take steps to implement various programs independently, thus the development of CSG as a result of previous alumni efforts.

The curtain was then closed with a shout of “Once CSG, always CSG!” led by Alfred Joumil and a prayer of gratitude led by Sr Terecia Loukang. Crietel Philip / Organizing Team

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