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Sabah Chief Minister croons all time favourite “White Christmas” at KK Christmas launching

KOTA KINABALU – The classic number ‘White Christmas’ is a favourite of Chief Minister, Datuk Shafie Apdal, where he took the chance to sing it during his official speech at the Kota Kinabalu Christmas Celebration 2018 (KKCC 2018) Dec 11. He received a thunderous applause by thousands of visitors flocking Padang Merdeka as early as 6.00 pm.

Shafie expressed his joy of being with the multi-racial Sabahans who were gathered for the celebration, saying Sabah is the best example in the nation as a state with citizens who respect each other and are tolerant towards one another.

“The theme chosen for this year ‘God’s Blessing of Life’ is in tandem with government policy, which reflect that Malaysians are grateful to live in peace and harmony, as well as being free from war. The peace and harmony that we enjoy despite our differences in religion and culture have captured a good image in the eyes of the world, and I hope that our country will always receive blessings for a better future,” he said.

He added that as a Muslim, it does not hinder him to enter a Church to pay the last respects to a Christian friend, or to attend a wedding ceremony if he is invited.

In Sabah he said, inter-marriages between races regardless of religion has bound the people together in harmony.

“Relationship between ethnicity through inter-marriages has united us. We understand each other more and therefore respect each other. A good number of us here today are ‘related’ to other races and religions, and this has made us truly unique,” he said.

He said the 14th edition of KKCC2018 has once again proven unity of races is existent in our society. JJ/SOCCOM

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