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St Catherine Inanam to host WCD celebration

Meeting in progress, Inanam, 7 Apr 2017.

INANAM – St Catherine Church here will host this year’s World Communications Day scheduled to be held on 28 May 2017.

The selection of St Catherine Inanam as host for the event was conveyed by Father Thomas Madanan, spiritual adviser to the Archdiocesan Social Communications Commission (SOCCOM ADKK), to Father David Sham, pastor of St Catherine, during his courtesy call on Apr 7.

Fr Madanan was accompanied by Joseph Leong and Irene Obon, SOCCOM ADKK chairman and committee member in charge of Special Events respectively.

According to Fr Madanan, Inanam was chosen as St Catherine (C) follows Bundu Tuhan (B).

Perhaps the selection committee did not realise that Bundu Tuhan is the name of a place whereas St Catherine is the name of a church so the selection could have been different. However, since everything has been set, Fr Sham graciously agreed to host this year’s celebration.

A few programmes will be conducted prior to and after the event. Members of the archdiocesan commission offered their help including preparing the leaflets to ensure that everything will run smoothly. – Michael K Guntili

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