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Thousands throng churches for Good Friday Service

One of the faithful kisses the Cross as a sign of veneration on Good Friday, 14 Apr 2017, SHC Karamunsing.

KOTA KINABALU – Thousands of faithful thronged churches throughout Kota Kinabalu Archdiocese for Good Friday Service on 14 Apr 2017.

Good Friday commemorates the death of Jesus Christ by crucifixion

At the Sacred Heart Cathedral Karamunsing, some 6,000 faithful participated at the 3 pm English service while another 4,000 attended the 6 pm BM service.

The liturgy comprised three parts: (1) Liturgy of the Word followed by the Solemn Intercessions (2) Veneration of the Cross and (3) Communion service with hosts consecrated on Holy Thursday.

In his homily at the 3 pm service, Archbishop John Wong told the faithful to reflect on one of the Seven Last Words of Jesus on the cross: “I thirst.”

He said it symbolises Jesus’ thirst for souls as much as it symbolises human thirst for God.

Joining the prelate at the service as Archbishop Emeritus John Lee.

In the second part, instead of the first form of unveiling the Cross three times, the second form of showing the unveiled Cross three times was used.

Immediately after the showing of the Holy Cross, the concelebrants, lay ministers and wardens venerated the Cross.  The veneration of the Cross by the faithful was done after Communion.

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