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Looking Back at 2016 in KK Archdiocese

Jan 01 Golden Jubilee celebration of Fr Francis Tsen, Ranau
Jan 23 Priestly Ordination of Franciscan Friar Francisco Jude Basnayake, Tg Aru
Jan 31 Closing of Year of Consecrated Life, SHC
Feb 06 First Profession of Franciscan Novice Edna Sylvester Yukun, Purak
Feb 09-11 Visit of Pauline Sister Anna Maria Parenzan, superior general, to the local community of Daughters of St Paul
Feb 14 Rite of Election, SHC
Feb 20 Red Mass, St Simon Likas
Mar 04 24-hr confession in conjunction with Year of Mercy
May 02 17th Archdiocesan Kaamatan Celebration, Holy Family Telipok. Launching of Kadazan Audio Bible. Visit of Abp Joseph Marino, apostolic nuncio.
May 03 Priestly Ordination of Deacon Joshua Liew, SHC
Jun 01 Reshufflement of some priests
Aug 01 Priestly Ordination of Redemptorist Deacon Robin Lomangkok, Tg Aru
Aug 14 Bundu Tuhan’s celebration of 60 years of existence
Sep 15-17 Youth Jubilee of Mercy, St Simon Educational Complex Likas
Sep 24 Jubilee of Catechists SHPC
Oct 01 Archbishop Wong receives “datukship” (PGDK)
Oct 16 2nd Archdiocesan Migrant Sunday Observance, SHC
Nov 07 Silver jubilee celebration of Fr Bruno Yasun, Kiulu
Nov 20 Closing of Jubilee Year of Mercy
Nov 21 KK Archdiocese finally gets its Crest
Dec 07 Death of Fr Aloysius Tung, 90
Dec 10-11 Journalism Training Workshop for Catholic Writers, Tg Aru
Dec 25 3rd Archdiocesan Christmas Open House, SHPC
Dec 26 Ruby jubilee celebration of Fr Cosmas Lee, Likas
Dec 29 Ruby jubilee celebration of Fr Alex Sipanul, Kg Madsiang
File picture of  a pilgrimage to the Holy Door at Sacred Heart Cathedral KK.  Pilgrimages to the four Holy Doors (Sacred Heart Cathedral KK, Holy Rosary Limbahau, St Peter Claver Ranau, St Peter Kudat) were one of the highlights of the year.
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