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Participants share their WYD 2016 experiences in Krakow

wyd1WYD Krakow 2016! A truly humbling and enriching experience for me! It was indeed beautiful to witness the faith of the young people from all over the world and experience personally the mercy of God in the land of the Divine Mercy itself. The participation in the ‘Days in the Diocese’ (pre-WYD event), engaging in various WYD programmes such as eucharistic celebration/adoration, catecheses, youth festivals/concert, and encounters with fellow pilgrims, has helped me to experience a more intimate relationship with our Merciful God.

In addition, it was truly wonderful to experience the immense hospitality and holiness of the Polish people as well as learning about the history of the land that has produced saints including St John Paul II and St Faustina Kowalska. Last but not least, I pray that all young people will go out courageously to proclaim Jesus Christ and become missionaries of mercy, as Pope Francis has challenged us to leave a mark in life and on history.  Jesus, I trust in You! Lynette Lee, Keningau Diocese

 terryGod’s mercy in the little things during WYD. What a great gift from God to be able to attend WYD which gathered almost two million people from all over the world with different cultures and languages and yet not stranger to one another. Our Lord Jesus has brought us together in the person of Pope Francis who said, “God loves you as you are. He counts on you not for what you have but for what you are. He cares about you. He is faithful….do not be afraid to say Yes to respond generously to Him and follow Him!”, Pope Francis said in his homily in the WYD closing Mass.

The love, simplicity and generosity of the Polish people that I have experienced in my foster family inspired and renewed me. They gave the best, not only welcoming me to their home but sacrificed their comfortable bedroom for me while they slept in the living room. They were so sincere and I could see that joy in them.

There was one time when I was queuing up to take my food, but it was so long that I did not manage to get my food because we had to rush to the next programme which was located at another far distance by foot. While I was still standing there waiting for the others, one youth came and gave me a drink and another came with some bread as if they knew that I had not eaten. I thanked them sincerely and was grateful for such caring acts. And as I walked towards the next venue my feet ached badly due to blister, one youth came and offered to carry my bag. I was really touched by such caring attitudes of the youths who were so ready to serve strangers. I believe they could do this because they have experienced God’s mercy during the WYD event. This is just a small glimpse of my WYD experiences. – Sr Terry Loukang fsic, KK Archdiocese

molly “I am really proud and grateful that I was part of WYD in Krakow Poland. Definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I was told that it won’t be easy as it is a pilgrimage. It’s going to be exhausting at times. I might probably have to sleep on floors or even outdoors and walk quite a lot. But from the start during the Days in Diocese (DID) in Bielsko-Zywiec to WYD in Krakow, it has been an amazing time, made even more special with the foster families we had. It was awesome to have come together in such an event and celebrate as one. A celebration of God’s great love for each one of us.” – Molly Ding Joo Eng, KL Archdiocese


leonora“Jezu ufam Tobie.” This WYD has been a highly enriching journey, rather than as an experience, that not only encompassed the four days with the Holy Father but also the months of preparation (plus challenges!) that led to its culmination. Exhausting, frustrating and tiring (to be honest), yet that infectious youthful joy for God’s love radiating from every pilgrim present, and the realisation on the true meaning of Mercy is what drove me on. It is still an unfinished journey to be continued even after WYD, but it is one that I freely open my arms and say “Jesus, I trust in You”. – Leonora Tuah, Kuching Archdiocese

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