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CMI organises pilgrimage to Membakut and Limbahau

cmi pilgrimage
Abp Wong briefs the pilgrims before their departure at CMI.

BUKIT PADANG – The Church of Mary Immaculate (CMI) here organised a pilgrimage to Membakut and Limbahau recently.

Around 40 parishioners including a few from Sacred Heart Cathedral went on pilgrimage led by Abp John Wong on 20 Aug 2016  They met at CMI for a briefing and  Blessing of Pilgrims before their departure for the two pilgrimage sites in conjunction with the Year of Mercy.

On the way, Abp Wong seized the opportunity to catechise the pilgrims, thereby performing his responsibility as the chief catechist of the archdiocese.  Through a Q&A session, he led his fellow pilgrims to a better understanding of the history of the archdiocese, the scriptures, sacraments, prayer, religious life, and others.  The pilgrims also prayed the rosary in preparation for the activities that followed on the sites.

At St Patrick Membakut the procession, accompanied by the chanting of the Litany of the Saints, was from the Divine Mercy Shrine to the Holy Door as the parish hall was occupied by others.  Holy Mass was celebrated.  A collection was made for the parish.  The pilgrims were presented with a  souvenir banner from the parish.

Later at Holy Rosary Limbahau the procession was from the canteen to the Holy Door as its parish hall was also used for a parish event.  This time there was no Mass but adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at the chapel.

After Benediction, the pilgrims had their lunch at the canteen before returning to CMI at 2:00 pm.  On the trip back, the archbishop continued with his catechesis.  So it was a pilgrimage enriched with much spiritual food for thought and reflection, giving the archbishop an opportunity to share his insights and knowledge with a portion of the flock he has been entrusted with.



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