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EMCs told service is not permanent during annual recollection

emc recollection

KOTA KINABALU – “EMC is not permanent. It allows for an option to retire or to take a rest due to old age or being unable to commit to the ministry. Thus the term of service of the EMC needs to be renewed periodically,” said Fr Jeffri Gumu at the recent EMC recollection held at Sacred Heart Parish Centre here on 20-21 May 2016.

Fr Jeffri, who conducted the annual recollection for the EMCs, added in the same vein, “EMC is not open for application but rather it must be proposed, recommended and approved by the parish priest.”

About 100 Extraordinary Minister of Communion (EMC) came together for a short recollection cum fellowship. They were from the Sacred Heart Cathedral parish, and its sub-parish of Church of Mary Immaculate; St Paul Dontozidon; Our Lady Queen of Peace Kobosak; St John Kopunyit and the Monastery of Our Lady of Mt Carmel.

In a lighter vein, Fr Jeffri mentioned that EMC is not about merely being able to sit in the front pews, seats which are much sought after in view of the ever congested church, or even to hold the body of Christ. More importantly, EMC is to serve, which requires commitment and faithfulness. Hence, it is always important for the EMCs to have the correct intention in their service and to rectify it whenever they deviate from this position.

Keeping the Lord’s Day should be central to the lives of the EMCs, for in celebrating it in the Mass, they are able to experience eternity every week. As such, not only should they always consciously enter into it but to meaningfully prepare for it throughout the week.

Blessing took place for the various EMCs in their respective parishes at a later date and time suitable for each. For Sacred Heart Cathedral, the English Mass EMCs were blessed during the Sunset Mass on May 28, while that of the EMCs for both the Chinese/BM Masses took place during the respective Masses on Sunday May 29. – Michael Juan

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