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441 candidates receive Confirmation at SHC

shc confirmation

KOTA KINABALU  – Four hundred and forty-one candidates, the largest-ever recorded in the history of the Cathedral parish, were conferred the Sacrament of Confirmation by Archbishop John Wong at Sacred Heart Cathedral during the 4 pm Pentecost Mass on 15 May 2016.

The confirmands, with the exception of BM RCIA, were Sunday School students of age 16 and above, and have come from the three main language groups of English, Bahasa Melayu, and Chinese. This year also saw the inclusion of the Indonesian language group K3IKA, who sent 69 candidates.

Speaking not only to the confirmands but also to the congregation, comprising of godparents/sponsors, family members and well-wishers, the presider recalled the event of the first Pentecost “God reveals His Presence with loud noise and tongues of fire, and the infilling of the Holy spirit.”

Today, the prelate continued,  God continues to reveal Himself and uses signs to tell us that He is with us. God always opens our ears to hear His voice, opens our eyes to see His Presence, and opens our hearts to be filled by His Holy Spirit.

However, he added, Pentecost is not only about celebrating the promise of the gift of the Holy Spirit, but is also a celebration of the love and life of the Risen Lord which the Father wants to share with us.

In closing his reflection, he urged all, “Be filled with the Holy Spirit, love one another, love God especially.”

After Mass, all adjourned to the parish hall for a fellowship meal. The dinner also saw the neophytes being presented with their certificates of baptism by Archbishop Wong.

In a few words directed to the neophytes and confirmands, Archbishop Wong encouraged and reminded them to read the Word of God daily, to receive the Sacraments regularly, and to abide by the commandments of the Lord

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