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CMI-MOW members attend formation talk

BUKIT PADANG – Seventeen old and new members of the Ministry of the Word (MOW) attended a formation talk at the Church of Mary Immaculate here on 3 April 2017.  Neil Mah of the Archdiocesan Liturgy Commission facilitated the talk.  It was a refresher for the old members while it was enlightening to the new ones.  Mah touched on the basics: theological background and importance of the Sunday Liturgy, role of the readers and commentators during the Mass.  He also demonstrated the correct use and adjustment of the microphone, the proper way of walking and bowing in the sanctuary.  He was open to questions from the floor.  He also encouraged the ministry to organise sessions on diction and how to throw one’s voice without a microphone.  He stressed on the weeklong preparation needed not just by the readers on duty on a particular Sunday but by all those in the ministry.  The session ended with light refreshments.

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