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2015 is a year of blessing for youth brigade

boys brigade

TANJUNG ARU – The year 2015 was a great blessing for The Boys’ Brigade (BB) of the 11th Kota Kinabalu Company (11KK Coy) for many reasons: (1) The Coy was formed on 21 June 2015 under the Sponsoring Authority of Stella Maris Catholic Church Tanjung Aru; (2) 11KK Coy is the second Catholic BB Coy formed in Sabah, after 4KK Coy (1982) under the Sponsoring Authority of Sacred Heart Cathedral, Kota Kinabalu, these being at present the only two existing Catholic BB Coys in the whole world; (3) Despite being formed only for seven months by end of 2015, the Coy has achieved many accomplishments given the short time span.

In its founding year, the Coy’s strength stood at 53: 13 Officers, 17 Seniors (12-19 years), 13 Juniors (9-11 years), and 10 Pre-Juniors (6-8 years), comprising boys and girls.

The Coy has conducted 19 weekly parades, held every Saturday from 2:00pm to 4:30pm at the parish hall. Weekly programme consists of Fall-In, Devotion, Awards Classes, Drill, Games, and Dismissal. These activities encapsulate the Four-Sided Principles of the BB: Spiritual, Educational, Social and Physical, which aspire to build a wholesome formation of the young.

Awards earned by members by year end were: Pink Award (Pre-Juniors); White Badge and One Year Service (Juniors); Target Badge, Buttonhole Badge, Christian Education Badge, Physical Training Badge, Bronze Scholastic Badge and One Year Service Badge (Seniors). Badges received prove that members have acquired knowledge of the BB History, certain level of faith knowledge, basic level of physical fitness and have excelled in their PMR exams with the required grades.

The Coy has also conducted its very first camp in October, held under tents in the parish hall. At this camp, with the help of BB State Commissioner and some senior members from 4KK Coy, campers learned how to pitch tents, rope techniques, compass reading, and more importantly how to live as a community. The Coy Officers showed their skills of cooking for the entire camp meals.

Aside from the Coy weekly parades, some social activities were also held: futsal, Tanjung Aru beach outing and Christmas carolling to members’ homes.

11KK Coy also took part in programmes and activities combined with other BB Coys and events organised by Majlis Belia Sabah: Joint Catholic BB Coys Enrolment Service (26 Sept) held at Stella Maris Church, Tanjung Aru; BB Founder’s Day Celebration held at Basel Church, Likas (25 Oct); participated in Inter-Coy Junior Captain’s Ball competition (15 Nov) and 11KK Coy won third place; combined Physical Training Badge test held at Likas Sports Complex (Sept); five seniors joined in combined Coys Camper’s & Expedition Course (2-5 Dec); four seniors attended BB Archery Introduction Course (7 Dec); Coy Officers joined in Hari Belia Negeri Sabah celebration (16 May); and an Officer and a senior represented BB Sabah in “Save Our River” programme at Sembulan River (October).

11KK Coy also participated in few community service in 2015: helped out at St Catherine Labouré Church, Putatan fund-raising food bazaar (11 Oct) held at Sacred Heart Cathedral; on duty at Gaya Christmas Celebration (17 Dec); and helped out at the funeral of the late Br Charles O’Leary (27-28 Dec).

Indeed, all praise to God for a very fruitful and productive founding year. Appreciation and gratitude were accorded to the parish priests, parents of BB Members and the parish community of Stella Maris Church, for their strong support, donations and contribution to the Coy.

The Coy looks forward to greater programme and activities in 2016. Two parades were already held in the new year and to date, 20 new recruits have joined the Coy. Aside from new Awards and Badges to be conducted this year, the Coy is introducing a Marching Band unit, comprise of side drums, bass drum, cymbal, bell lyres, concert flutes and trumpets. Band classes will begin in March, every Saturday, 12:15pm – 1:30pm at Stella Maris parish hall. Once trained up, the band will perform for church and BB events, also perform community service e.g. performing at school sports, etc.

Truly, BB is a ministry that seeks to form young people equipped with faith, discipline, character building and imbued with Christian values. Some testimonies from parents whose children joined 11KK Coy since June 2015: more diligent in studies, more helpful at home, knows how to check time table for school and the house, respect elders, knows how to cook.

Objective of BB: “The advancement of Christ’s Kingdom among Members and the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-Respect, and all that tends towards a true Christian Character”.

It welcomes boys and girls aged 6-19 years old to join BB. Come and join us. Your adventure begins with the BB. 11KK Coy (Captain Neil Mah 0138798415). – Neil Mah


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