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Ranau assistant pastor reflects on recent disaster

Fr Joe Pereira supports Friars in relief workRANAU (CS) – Father Francis Tsen, assistant priest at St Peter Claver, when contacted offers some thoughts for reflection on the recent shock and the chaos that followed.

“The frightening earthquake that shook the mountain on Jun 5 and causing damage to homes and buildings and taking 18 lives from among those coming down from their conquest of the majestic peak, has received wide coverage in the daily papers and need not be repeated here.  Much has been said these past weeks, both positive and negative, and much has happened that invites for reflection, prayer and response. Herewith are some points for meditation.

“First of all, Mt Kinabalu needs to be acclaimed as God’s great and wonderful gift to our country and this gift has always been revered and honoured in varied ways by our ancestors way back in the history of our beloved land Sabah.  We should be always thankful and honour our Creator God who holds the whole of creation in His hands, entrusting to mankind everything in our world for our enjoyment and responsible stewardship.  Do we see ourselves privileged with such responsibility, and do we take concrete steps in caring for the environment?

“The second point may be called the ‘mineral water phenomenon’ that happened in the parish of St Peter Claver, Ranau.  It all started with a simple posting in Facebook and Whatsapp by Fr Nicholas, alerting the stoppage of piped-water and the need for clean drinking water.  Someone saw it and sent some mineral water to the rectory and the rest is history, as they say.  Lorry-loads of mineral water started flooding in from individuals and corporate bodies and it was like that all the past week up till now.  The church hall is filled up and the parish has started sending cartons of water to the people in the kampungs.  In short, this phenomenon is a wonderful example of God’s superabundance, a God who truly cares for all mankind.”

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