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Action speaks louder than words

IMG_0721KOTA KINABALU – Addressing some 300 teachers on the occasion of the celebration of Teachers’ Day at the Archdiocesan level Jun 20, Archbishop John Wong told teachers to go beyond their duties and to show how much they care for their students. He added that as teachers, they are to teach students values which can only be learnt through actions. Helping the students to deal with their brokenness will make them remember their teachers for the rest of their lives.

He likens such values in teachers with the heroic actions of the four mountain guides who died at the recent earthquake in Ranau. The mountain guides placed those under their care first, even to the extent of risking their own lives.  Their death has educated many people on what ‘dedication’, ‘commitment’, ‘responsibility’ and ‘sacrifice’ means. People remember and honour them not of what they have said, but what they have done for others.

The Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu celebrated Archdiocesan Teachers’ Day with a Mass at the Church of Mary Immaculate, Bukit Padang and a luncheon at Putera Ballroom, organized by The Education Commission headed by Sr Rita Chew. She said, “The church recognized and honored the services of educationists in the development of young generations, not only in academic areas but also their involvement in the parishes and communities.”

Out of the six nominations for outstanding services, four teachers received special certificates of recognition this year: Clare Ho from Papar zone, Clare Sikodol, Sr Mary Magdalene and Nora Wong, both from Federal Territory of Labuan.

Meanwhile the Archdiocese has recognized Albert Thien as the honourable recipient of the Noble Education Service Award 2015. Born in China, Thien has been teaching since the late fifties, his first teaching experience being in Peninsular Malaysia and later in Sabah, as the principal of St Joseph Papar. During his stint of service, students not only excelled in studies with excellent results, but also achieved in sports, games and other forms of contribution at the district and national level. Besides academic, he also served the church in various capacities such as catechism teacher, Holy Communion Minister, and being a ‘godfather’ to 50 children. – Linda Edward

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