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CMI celebrates Kaamatan Festival cum Mother’s Day

IMG_9801BUKIT PADANG –  Church of Mary Immaculate here celebrated Kaamatan Festival cum Mother’s Day on 10 May 2015.

The celebration began with a procession, accompanied by gong beating, from the hall to the Church.  Parishioners, clad in their traditional garb, followed in the symbolic procession or “mamanau kampung” (in KadazanDusun) which was led by the cross bearer, altar servers, EMCs, lectors, Archbishop John Wong and Fr Jeffri Gumu.

During the offertory,  gifts offered were products of nature which symbolizes “Thanksgiving to God for a bountiful harvest”.

The Mass concluded with a special blessing by the Archbishop to all mothers present , and a prayer together with a song dedicated to Mother Mary.

A fellowship followed at the canteen where traditional KadazanDusun dishes and drinks were served.

The Sumazau dance and Kaamatan songs were a definite feature of the programme, as were the traditional competitions of mipulos (arm wrestling), mamalasitik (Catapult), and best dressed KDM costume KDM for men and women. – Catherine Engsun

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