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St Mary’s Cathedral celebrates WDCL

consecrated life of religious (7)The Diocese of Sandakan celebrated World Day for Consecrated Life with Mass Feb 8 at St Mary’s Cathedral, which was presided by Fr Sunny Chung, and attended by religious Sisters and Brothers of FSIC, Good Shepherds, and Brothers of St Gabriel, and the local faithful.

In his homily, Fr Sunny Chung explained that consecrated life is defined by men and women who set out to follow Christ more closely, and lead lives dedicated to God by practising the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity, and obedience. They become a sign in the Church of a more exacting way of Christian living in their strife for the perfection of charity in the service of the kingdom of God.

He continued to highlight that very often we are misguided by the false reality of life without pain, sadness, and suffering; but in reality, pain, sadness, suffering as well as joy is part and parcel of real living of the world.

From God’s Word through the various readings of the day, Fr Sunny shared the Good News that no matter what suffering, loss, painful experience and sadness, Jesus is able to make up and multiply His blessings like He did for Job.  Jesus has come to bring healing to those who would believe in Him.

In concluding, he underlined the importance of celebrating the institution of a World Day of Prayer for Consecrated Life, as active participation from the faithful, to thank God for the gift of consecrated life and the contribution of the religious to the life and work of the Church.  They also need to pray for the religious or consecrated persons, who have responded to their call to bring the Gospel of life to those who are still searching for God, that they would remain faithful to Christ’s teaching and inspiration. – DOSPO, Helen John


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