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60 take part in Cycle for Christ 5

TUARAN (CS) – Sixty cycling enthusiasts from St John Parish Tuaran and parishes around gathered for CYC 5 on 5 Sep 2014.

CYC 5 is the fifth edition of Cycle for Christ, a brainchild of Fr Nicholas Stephen, who is himself an avid cyclist.

The objective of ‘Cycling for Christ’ is manifold.  It is a means to build faith, to improve and maintain good health, to do charity work, to care for the environment, as well as to evangelize.

The main target is to reach those most distant and rarely visited rural chapels to share fraternal love and to instill oneness.  At the same time, it offers an excellent channel to build communion with other Christians as these cylists do not only come from the Catholic parishes.

CFC 1 was launched during Lent time in 2012 with more than 100 cyclists when they visited 14 chapels and recited a station of the cross at each chapel.

CFC 2 in later part of 2012 visited 5 chapels where a decade of the rosary was recited at each place.

CFC 3 in 2013 visited a chapel under St Catherine Inanam Parish where Mass was celebrated, followed by fellowship at Shah Bandar beach.

This year saw the group targeting 5 chapels from St John Tuaran to Pantai Perawan in Shah Bandar, encompassing St Faustina Rambai Tamparuli, St Teresa of Avila Tangkurangoh, St Pedro Calunsod Napitas, St Mary Mother of God Topokon and St John Tuaran.  Besides reciting the Divine Mercy Chaplet at each place, exposition of the Blessed Sacrament was made available to the faithful.

The faithful responded with joy and gratitude to share the joy of the Gospel in such a tangible way of encountering Christ together and in sharing with the poor.

Opportunities of self-offering and material-offering abound during these CFC rounds in the maintenance and re-furbishing of the chapels, cleaning up of the surrounds, and sharing of goods.

CFC also provides for the faithful to live out the call of Pope Francis not to be robbed of the joy of evangelization and to be “the Lord’s disciples who persevere in joy when they sense his presence, do his will and share with others their faith, hope and evangelical charity.”

Fr Nicholas, who was gratified with the enthusiastic response to his inspiration, said with discerning wisdom that he was positive this “exercise” is a sure way of combating the danger of isolation by digital divide, especially for the youth.

CFC 6 in 2015 is scheduled to take place during Lent time in Ranau.  All are welcome.  For further details, please contact Gideon Mosito @ 019-5367622 and Jacob Manjin @ 016-8393668.

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