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KK Archdiocese is blessed with another deacon

IMG_3449KOTA KINABALU – At the pronouncement by the parish priest, “I testify that he has been found worthy”, once again the Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu is blessed with another deacon.

Witnessed by his parents, family members and relatives, parishioners from St Peter Claver parish, Ranau, as well as friends and parishioners from far and near, Archbishop John Wong ordained Abel Madisang to the order of deacons on 1 Sep 2014 at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Karamunsing.

At the altar with the ordaining minister were Archbishop Emeritus John Lee, Msgr Primus Jouil, Msgr Nicholas Ong from Sandakan Diocese, and clergy from local parishes around.

Ordained in the first of the three orders of Holy Orders (the others are the priesthood and the episcopacy), Abel assumes the obligation as assistant of the bishop and his body of priests, as a minister of the word, of the altar, and to perform works of charity to serve the need of the people of God.

Performing the rites of ordination, the Ordinary explained to the candidate about the function of the office of deacon and the meaning and importance of celibacy in his discipleship to which Abel fully accepted and made a promise of obedience to him as bishop.  With the vesting of the stole and dalmatic, Abel was installed as deacon, and his role immediately took effect by assisting the bishop at the altar.

In his speech, Archbishop John Wong thanked everyone who came to witness this meaningful step forward for the church and saying to Deacon Abel, “We praise God for His blessings upon you, for blessings of faith in God by your coming forward to be ordained as deacon, for your courage to move a step closer to the priesthood through this ordination, and your willingness to give up the luxuries of life in order to embrace a life of service.”  He then announced that Deacon Abel would continue to serve in the Sacred Heart Parish.

Msgr Primus Jouil, in his address, said, “If everything goes well, he will be ordained as a priest next year in his own parish in Ranau.” Msgr Primus also encouraged all present to remember to pray for our youths so that the Lord would grace them to know more about Christ and lead them to serve in His vineyard.

In his turn the newly ordained deacon thanked God for making it to the ordination “I will not be here if it is not for God.  I trust, I love and I believe in Him.”  He also expressed his gratitude to Archbishop John Wong, Archbishop Emeritus John Lee, clergy and all who have, one or another, been instrumental in guiding him in his journey to ordination.

Deacon Abel Madisang was born on Apr 16, 1980 to Madisang Gindalu and Ganggot Longgou in Ranau.  He is the 11th child from 12 siblings of which 1 was deceased. He received his baptism and was confirmed on Apr 12, 1994 in the parish of St Peter Claver.

When asked what touched him most during his ordination, he said the Litany of the Saints as he felt his greatest need in prayers and intercession of the saints.   The words of the Archbishop from the rites of ordination  “Now you must not only listen to God’s word but you must also preach it” left a profound impact on him as they reminded him of who he must be as deacon, and would continue to inspire him to reflect on his new journey as deacon. – Linda Edward


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