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Sr Consolata Thien fsic (professed 1941)+

Sr Francis Thien fsic (professed 1941)+

Sr Immaculata Ho fsic (professed 1941)+

Sr Margared Lai fsic (professed 1950)+
Sr Carmel Ho fsic (professed 1950)
Sr Assumpta Chong fsic (professed 1950)+
Sr Angela Chung fsic (professed 1953)+
Sr Catherine Liew fsic (professed 1954)+
Sr Rose Santos Hiew fsic (professed 1959)
Abp Emeritus John Lee (ordained priest 1964, ordained bishop 1987)
Fr Francis Tsen (ordained 1966)
Sr Dominic Thien fsic (professed 1976)
Fr Cosmas Lee (ordained 1976)
Sr Agnes Wong fsp (professed 1984)
Fr Joseph Fung sj (ordained 1986)
Sr Anna Yap fsp (professed 1987)
Sr Mary How fsic (professed 1993)
Fr Daniel Lim ocd (ordained 1996)
Sr Maria Magdelena Kopong fsic (professed 2001)
Fr Ernesto Lagan (ordained 2011 Taiwan)
Fr Samuel Lim (ordained 2012 Singapore)
Fr Mitchelly Kiun (ordained 2014)
Fr Joshua Liew (ordained 2016)
+ deceased

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