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this month in history

1879 Priestly ordination of Deacon Thomas Jackson mhm
1887 Baptism of four boys in Inobong by Fr Prenger
1888 Baptism of first two catechumens in Papar: Simon & Barnardus
1950 Singaporean Legionaries Margaret Chee & Mary Tsen give talks on Legion of Mary in Jesselton, Penampang & Papar
1974 SH Prayer Group started by Daniel Kong & Agnes Tai
1980 Formation of SH Youth Ministry
1995 Population update of KK Diocese by Fr Peter Kim sj
1997 Formation of SH Ministry of Apologetics
2001 Death of Fr Lambert van der Geest mhm

April 1

1916 Death of Msgr Thomas Jackson
1971 Formation of Sabah Catholic Nurses Guild
1992 Death of Sr Mary Martha Boijion fsic of lung cancer
2011 Death of Fr Michael Henselmans mhm

April 2

1986 Silver jubilee of Sr Anna Maria of the Holy Spirit (Angeline Edmund) ocd of Kg Gunsing Penampang

April 3

2016 Jubilee of Divine Mercy SHC

April 4

1883 Arrival of Fr Alexander Prenger
2003 Blessing of CDC grotto by Fr Michael Modoit
2004 DSCC roadshow in Tanjung Aru

April 5

1979 Death of Fr Francis Xavier Sint in Austria

April 6

1979 Death of Fr Francis Xavier Sint mhm
2017 Chrism Mass SHC 7:30 pm

April 7

1947 Priestly ordination of Deacon John Tsung in Jinan Shantung China for Diocese of Chow Tsan China
1972 Silver jubilee of Fr Tsung
1983 Bible seminar by Fr Herman Hendrickx cicm KK Seminary Apr 7-15
1986 Inaugural vocation retreat w/ 17 participants BTRC April 7-10
1988 Chinese catechetical seminar by Martina Voo & Stella Yong CDC
1995 Forum on forming youth with vision from Christian & Islamic perspectives, ITM Sabah Campus Manggatal

April 8

1983 Death of Sr Consolata Thien fsic, 68
1992 7th World Youth Day for West Coast SHC April 8-12

April 9

1854 Priestly ordination of Don Carlos Cuarteron
1903 Procurement of Jesselton mission land by Fr Goossens & Prenger in Fr Heyden’s name
1985 Inaugural FSIC General Assembly April 9-19
1999 PRW in KK/Dontozidon/Kepayan/Tawau April 9-11
2002 Asian bishops’ convivience organised by neo-catechumenal community, Nexus Resort Karambunai April 9-11

April 10

1977 Inaugural BM Mass in Tawau
1981 2nd Youth Leadership Training Seminar by Peter Thien & John Tham KK Seminary April 10-12
1988 Christian Home Workshop (BM) in Ulu Dusun Sandakan
1996 Recollection for Keningau Leaders Service Team PKK Purun April 10-12
1998 Inaugural novena to Divine Mercy in St Michael Penampang
1999 Inaugural Keningau Chinese prayer group meeting KSFX
2016 Tercentenary celebration of the Founder’s death and origins of the Brothers of St Gabriel, MYTC

April 11

1971 Oldest existing edition of Catholic Sabah in tabloid format found in the KK Diocesan Archives
Inaugural PAX Assembly SHPH/St Michael Parish Hall April 11-12

April 12

1980 SH youth retreat KK Seminary April 12-13
1996 Silver jubilee of PAX establishment

April 13

1898 Death of Fr Felix Westerwoudt mhm
1987 Remains of Bishop Fung reburied at SHC compound

April 15

1985 Tan Sri Ben Stephens elected as president of Malaysian Senate KL
1990 Launching of Murut Gospel according to Mark, St Anthony Tenom
1992 Demolition of 39-year-old La Salle School semi-timber Junior Block
1995 2nd KK Diocesan Kaamatan Festival Limbanak

April 16

1857 Msgr Don Carlos Cuarteron lands in Labuan & starts mission there
1982 Youth Leadership Training Seminar KK Seminary April 16-18
1986 Death of Mother Rose Charnley fmsj in England
1987 Golden jubilee of Sr Elizabeth of the Trinity (Evelyn Maud Perkins) ocd
1989 Death of Constantine Cheah Teck Seng of Labuan
1999 PRW in KK/Lahad Datu

April 17

1955 Priestly ordination of China-born Deacon Peter Ma at SH Jesselton by Bishop Buis, the first ordination ever held in North Borneo
1980 Silver jubilee of Fr Peter Ma, Stella Maris Tg Aru
1996 Death of Fr Jan vd Salm mhm, 65, at Conda Holland, of cancer
2004 2nd Educators conference, Berjaya Palace Hotel KK April 17-18

April 18

1980 Inaugural Catholic Youth Leadership Training Seminar April 18-20
1982 Blessing of Tenghilan Church by Bishop Fung
1995 5th National Christian Conference: the Way Forward, Sabah Medical Centre Likas April 18-21
2004 Blessing of St Joseph Pogunon by Bishop Lee
DSCC roadshow in Manggatal

April 19

1976 Silver jubilee of Legion of Mary in Sabah
1996 KSFX Youth Assembly April 19-21

April 20

2001 Formation of KK Diocesan Social Communication Commission w/ Sr Bibianah Densia fsp as head, CDC
2002 SH “Cleanathon Day” at Tanjung Aru Beach in conjunction with World Earth Day (Apr 22)
Dissolution of Chinese Youth Committee to make way for Chinese Youth Pastoral Team CDC
 2013 Death of Fr Louis Purcell mhm

April 21

1987 Msgr Lee’s appointment as 2nd bishop of KK published in L’Osservatore Romano
1994 Seminar on diocesan administrative structures by Fr Peter Kim sj CDC
1996 KK diocese catechists renewal seminar BTRC April 21-24
1998 Food donations brought to drought victims (62 families) in Kg Tongkudon & Kg Sungoi Kota Marudu by SH Charity Outreach Services

April 22

1979 Blessing of Holy Nativity Terawi by Bishop Fung
1994 Sandakan mini-PAX
2000 Death of Fr Patrick McDonald mhm, 68, in Scotland

April 23

1889 Death of Fr Daniel Kilty mhm
1988 Interior Zone Pesta Koir Keningau
1995 Keningau diocesan curia meeting Tambunan
Pastoral visit of Bp Lee & PAX officials to Tuaran
1999 PRW in Kudat
2003 Formation of Malaysia Catholic Students Council (MCSC) in Kuching
2017 Regional Family Life Commission meeting in Johor

April 24

1976 Silver jubilee of Sr Bernadette Amandus fsic, Penampang
1980 Priestly ordinations of Deacons Joseph Liansim, Bede Anthonius, Joseph Gapitang at Tambunan Community Hall
Death of Bp James Buis mhm, 77, Arnhem Holland
1983 1st profession of RGS Novice Lucy Mahanggun of Inobong in Singapore

April 25

1972 2nd PAX Assembly SHPH/Penampang April 25-26
1990 Catechetical renewal course for Sunday School teachers (Eng) Benildus House Tg Aru (BM at CDC) April 25-29
1995 “Steward leadership for a participative Church” organized by Bible Commission in Tawau April 25-30
1999 Launching for first FSIC musical album by Bishop Lee SHC

April 26

1984 Formation of Limbahau prayer group

April 27

1981 First profession of La Salle Br Herbertus Gampok in Penampang
1993 Fr Gerard Preyde mhm receives “knighthood of the Order of Oranje-Nassau” from Dutch Ambassador BTRC
1996 Opening of new Maktab Nasional building by Bishop Lee
Keningau Women Seminar Tambunan April 27-29
2003 Inaugural weekend experience for interested prospects organised by diocesan aspirants CDC April 27-28


April 28

1978 Formation of Catholic Teachers Guild in Sandakan April 28-30
1989 LJCCC Married Women Retreat facilitated by Bishop Lee April 28-30
1994 Br Ben Snoeren receives knighthood fron Dutch Ambassador in Miri
1995 KK Diocesan Youth Consultation in Limbahau
1996 115th foundation anniversary of St Patrick Kinuta
2012 Priestly ordination of Deacon Roney Mailap in Tenom by Bp Piong

April 29

1978 Inauguration of EX-Franciscan Association (EFA)
1988 3rd Colloquium of the Teachers Development Programme BTRC April 29-May 2
1996 Death of Thomas Lee Yen Chiang, father of Bp Lee

April 30

1973 Blessing of new Blessed Sacrament Church Labuan by Bp Buis
1987 Seminar on Book of Revelation by Fr John Ha SHPH April 30-May 3
1988 Inaugural diocesan youth festival CDC April 30-May 1
1994 Leadership Formation Programme CDC April 30-May 2
1995 Telematch organized by Labuan parish youth
1998 Inaugural Keningau Diocesan Solidarity Cup Football Tournament, Tenom Sports Complex





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