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The armorial bearings of the Right Reverend Simon Fung consist of a shield surmounted by a green bishop’s hat with six tassels on gold cords pendena from either side. The upper portion of the shield displays a mountain with a cross in the middle. The lower portion of the shield displays the combination of a dove, a star and a ball.



These symbols are traditionally assigned to Diocesan Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church.


First of all it represents the famous Mount Kinabalu of Sabah. In Sabah it is a sacred mountain and it is widely used to symbolise the unity and loyalty of the Catholic communities of Kota Kinabalu Vicariate to the Church and to their shepherd and leader.


The cross always reminds us of Christianity, but here it is
to remind the new shepherd the heavy cross and the great responsibility he has
to bear and carry during the present situation in Sabah with the great shortage
of priests in the Vicariate. Our new shepherd knows this full well and he has
humbly accepted this great task as the WILL OF GOD. That is why he has chosen
the motto “FIAT VOLUNTAS TUA” that is, ‘YOUR WILL BE DONE”.


In Sabah tourism, the dove symbolises Sabah as the peaceful and beautiful land below the wind; but in Christianity it symbolises the Holy Spirit.

The star and the ball symbolise the four corners of the world.


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