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Founded in 1221 by St Francis of Assisi in Italy for people living in the world. First known member in Sabah was the late Thomas Lee (Archbishop Lee’s father) who was given the habit in Hong Kong on 4 Oct 1937. Friar Rupert Dawson held the first informal session on 11 Nov 1983. The first members made their profession on 3 October 1986 after two and a half years of formation. It has three fraternities in the archdiocese.

Fraternity of Sacred Heart Kota Kinabalu
Local Minister: Mdm Alice Rudolp ofs  +016-8372566
Local Spiritual Assistant: Sr Cecilia Liew fsic  088-210372

Fraternity of St Joseph Papar,
Local Minister: Mdm Marina Anjuman ofs
Local Spiritual Animator: Sr Calista Saliun fsic 088-912986

Fraternity of Holy Rosary Limbahau,
Local Minister: Dympna Richard ofs 013-8637599
Local Spiritual Animator: Sr Frances Mani fsic 013-8586567

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