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stephenStephen (Istwan) was born at Pannonia around the year 975.  He was baptised at the age of ten, when his father, the Duke of Hungary, converted to Christianity.  He married Gisela, sister of the Holy Roman Emperor St Henry, and succeeded his father in 997.  Crowned first king of Hungary in 1001, he ruled forcefully and with great wisdom and did much to encourage the evangelisation of his people.  He founded many dioceses and spent great energy in fostering the work of the Church.  He died at Szekefehevar in 1038.  His wife was beatified in 1975.  His son Emeric (Imre) who predeceased him, is also venerated as a saint. – CTS New Daily Roman Missal 2012, p 2921; Christian Prayer 1990, p 1204

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