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Mission Schools

Mission Schools are schools founded during the Missionary Period (1881-1969).  From atap buildings erected immediately after World War II (1945), the construction of more permanent structures of the schools were completed towards the late 1940s.  The mission schools would flourish and achieve remarkable progress from then onwards.  Right till the formation of Malaysia in 1963 and before the expulsion of the foreign missionaries from Sabah in the early 1970s, were years of steady growth and spectacular progress for the whole Mission in North Borneo (now Sabah).

Under Bishop James Buis, from 1952 to 1969, the number of clergy and schools reached an all time high.  A total of 27 parishes had resident priests.  The Vicariate had 38 primary schools and 19 secondary schools.  In 1952 the first secondary classes at Sacred Heart Primary School premises were opened to prepare students for the Senior Cambridge Examinations.  The first principal was Fr Bernard Davis mhm.  A new Sacred Heart Secondary School was built  on a 7.653 acre piece of land at Tanjung Aru in 1953 while the primary school remained a primary school at the old mission site below Sacred Heart Church.  In January 1958 the La Salle Brothers arrived to take charge of both Sacred Heart Primary and Secondary Schools.  In May 1958 the secondary school was renamed La Salle Secondary School.

North Borneo was renamed Sabah in 1963 when it received independence and became one of the states in the newly established Federation of Malaysia.  At the time of independence, the mission schools were a major means of missionary work reaching out to Catholics and non-Catholics alike.  However, the political change that came with independence and many other factors resulted in the Church losing control and influence over the mission schools.  An Act of Parliament classified mission schools as “fully assisted schools” which came under the direct control of the Ministry of Education and became part and parcel of the national education system.  Losing the schools as a main avenue of Christian formation and evangelisation, the Church has since been challenged to find new ways of providing an effective alternative Christian education for her young and outreach to non-Catholics.

The mission schools are under the care of the Education Commission whose main mission is to suggest names of suitable Catholics to head the schools when the incumbent principal or head retires.

Kota Kinabalu
Shan Tao Primary School
P.O.Box 10026, 88800 Kota Kinabalu
Tel: 088-232719/088-224752

Sacred Heart Primary School
P.O.Box 14690, 88853 Kota Kinabalu
Tel: 088-242381/088-242382

St Francis Convent Primary School
P.O.Box 10071, 88801 Kota Kinabalu
Tel: 088-224859 Fax: 088-250188

St Francis Convent Secondary School
Jalan Kebajikan 88000 Kota Kinabalu
T/F: 088-225277

St Francis Kindergarten
P.O.Box 10049, 88800 Kota Kinabalu
Tel: 088-265852

Shan Tao Kindergarten
P.O.Box 13887, 88845 Kota Kinabalu
Tel: 088-218253

Tanjung Aru
La Salle Secondary School
P.O.Box 10282, 88803 Kota Kinabalu
Tel: 088-224326/088-223002
Fax: 088-268687
Principal: Mdm Mary Komuji (2016-)

Stella Maris Primary School
P.O.Box 238, 88858 Tanjung Aru
Tel: 088-221551
Fax: 088-210661

Stella Maris Kindergarten
P.O.Box 5, 89457 Tanjung Aru
T/F: 088-233394

Stella Maris Secondary School
P.O.Box 5, 89457 Tanjung Aru
Tel: 088-221468
Fax: 088-262961

Stella Maris Taska (Pre-school)
P.O.Box 5, 89457 Tanjung Aru
Tel: 088-241782

Shan Tao High School
P.O.Box 11080, 88811 Kota Kinabalu
Tel: 088-428448/088-428449

St James Primary School
P.O.Box 10963, 88810 Kota Kinabalu
Tel: 088-425740/088-426692
Fax: 088-428410

St Anthony Primary School
Mile 4 Jalan Penampang
P.O.Box 11039, 88811 Kota Kinabalu
Fax: 088-713728

St Joseph Primary School
P.O.Box 437, 89507 Penampang
Tel: 088-711140
Fax: 088-725967

St Michael Secondary School
P.O.Box 66, 89507 Penampang
Tel: 088-711541
Fax: 088-712541

Marian Taska (Pre-school)
P.O.Box 228, 89507 Penampang
Tel: 088-716358

St Aloysius Primary School (Limbanak)
P.O.Box 11910, 88821 Kota Kinabalu
T/F: 088-718071

St Theresa Primary School (Inobong)
P.O.Box 739, 89507 Penampang
T/F: 088-716002

St Paul Primary School (Kolopis)
P.O.Box 414, 89507 Penampang
T/F: 088-718450

St Joseph Secondary School
P.O.Box 185, 89608 Papar
Tel: 088-913589
Fax: 088-911461

St Joseph Primary School
P.O.Box 298, 89608 Papar
T/F: 088-913588

St Joseph Primary School (Chinese)
P.O.Box 150, 89608 Papar
T/F: 088-913641

St Joseph Kindergarten (Chinese)
P.O.Box 150, 89608 Papar
T/F: 088-913641/088-911515

St Mary Primary School (Limbahau)
P.O.Box 353, 89608 Papar
Tel: 088-913082

St Mary Secondary School (Limbahau)
P.O.Box 202, 89608 Papar
Tel: 911137
Fax: 088-912395

St Mary Kindergarten (Limbahau)
c/o LHU-016 Kg Limbahau 89600 Papar
Tel: 088-913082

Sacred Heart Primary School (Biau)
P.O.Box 590, 89608 Papar
Tel: 088-912617

Our Lady of Fatima Primary School (Kelatuan)
WDT 38, 89607 Papar
Tel: 088-914203
Fax: 088-915204

Kota Belud
St Edmund Primary School
P.O.Box 174, 89158 Kota Belud
Tel: 088-976516

St Catherine Primary School
P.O.Box 11338, 88815 Kota Kinabalu
T/F: 088-422922

Good Shepherd Primary School
P.O.Box 12353, 88826 Kota Kinabalu
Tel: 088-492328/9
Fax: 088-491327

Good Shepherd Kindergarten
P.O.Box 12353, 88826 Kota Kinabalu
Tel: 088-493884

St Peter Primary School
P.O.Box 275, Pejabat Pos Mini, 88450 Telipok
Tel: 088-491046
Fax: 088-495013

St Peter Kindergarten
P.O.Box 275, Pejabat Pos Mini, 88450 Telipok
Tel: 088-490331

St Peter Secondary School
P.O.Box 183, 88450 Telipok
Tel: 088-491044
Fax: 088-412311

St John Primary School
P.O.Box 664, 89209 Tuaran
T/F: 088-788753

St John Secondary School
P.O.Box 248, 89208 Tuaran
Tel: 088-788354
Fax: 088-793601

St Theresa Kindergarten
P.O.Box 8, 89207 Tuaran
Tel: 088-788842

St Philip Primary School
P.O.Box 61, 89257 Tamparuli
Tel: 088-782081

St Philip Kindergarten
P.O.Box 61, 89257 Tamparuli
Tel: 088-782081
Fax: 088-782236

St James Primary School (Linsuk)
P.O.Box 594, 89250 Tamparuli
Tel: 088-981533
Fax: 088-981491

St James Secondary School (Linsuk)
P.O.Box 254, 89208 Tuaran
Tel: 088-981491
Fax: 088-981341

St Benedict Primary School
P.O.Box 3, 89307 Ranau
Tel: 088-875030

Bundu Tuhan
Don Bosco Primary School
P.O.Box 352, 89308 Ranau
T/F: 088-888098

St Anthony Secondary School
P.O.Box 81395, 87008 Labuan FT
Tel: 087-412985
Fax: 087-42259

St Anne Primary School
P.O.Box 82196, 87032 Labuan FT
Tel: 087-413862
Fax: 087-418463

St Anne Kindergarten
P.O.Box 82196, 87032 Labuan FT
Tel: 087-414049

St Anne Secondary School
P.O.Box 81072, 87020 Labuan FT
Tel: 087-412955
Fax: 087-419340

SRK St Peter
P.O.Box 171, 89058 Kudat
T/F: 088-611364

St Peter Secondary School
P.O.Box 171, 89058 Kudat
Tel: 088-611611
Fax: 088-624946

SJK(C) St Peter
P.O.Box 349, 89058 Kudat
Tel: 088-611763

St Peter Kindergarten
P.O.Box 26, 89058 Kudat
Tel: 088-611565

Our Lady of Immaculate Primary School (Taipa)
P.O.Box 136, 890057 Kudat
T/F: 088-612360

SJK(C) Sacred Heart Primary School (Tajau)
P.O.Box 135, 89057 Kudat
T/F: 088-627289




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