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good shepherd manggatal_editedManggatal is an outskirt town of Kota Kinabalu under the jurisdiction of Kota Kinabalu City Hall. It is located along Jalan Tuaran, which is the main road leading north from Kota Kinabalu.  The town is notable for being one of few towns in Sabah where wooden pre-World War II era shophouses still stand.  The name “Menggatal” derives from the Malay word gatal, which means ‘itch’. It  refers to the name of a tree that causes itchiness. In 2015,  the name spelling of the town was changed into “Manggatal.”

Manggatal was originally populated sparsely by native Dusuns. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, this native population was supplemented by Chinese migrants, most of whom were Hakkas. The Chinese community of Manggatal, which is still dominated by Hakkas, plays an important role in the town’s economy as its members own most of the shops in the town.   In the 1970s, Manggatal’s population increased due to the influx of  Filipino and Indonesian immigrants, many of whom have been naturalised (both legally and illegally) and live in squatter colonies.

Sabah’s main institution of higher learning, Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), is located in a coastal part of Manggatal sub-district.

The Good News was brought to Manggatal in 1927 by Fr Valentine Weber mhm.  It found its root among the Chinese community among whom were Lo Kei, Lee Nyen Shong, Lo Sin Fatt, Lo Kim Fook, Lo Kui, Leong Piang Kong, Ng Shau Thin, Lee Nyen Chiang.  Together they built the first church with atap roofing on top of Bukit Dombung which also served as a classroom.  The second church was constructed by Fr A Grent in 1947 on a three-acre piece of land belonging to Chee Yuk Siong inclusive of a double-storey wooden house there for $5,000.00.  That house was used as church and school.  The primary school – six classrooms, one staff room, one library room – was built by Fr John Tsung in 1962.  Two more classrooms were added in 1982.  Bishop James Buis changed the church’s name from “Kungkau” to “Good Shepherd” in 1964.  The kindergarten was started in 1968.  The present church was blessed on 15 Oct 1979 by Bishop Simon Fung.  The right and left wings of the church was extended by Fr Thomas Sham in 1985 while the parish hall was blessed on 8 July 1990 by Bishop John Lee.  The grotto was built in 1987.  In 1988, Catechist Martina Voo started the Sunday School with the help of Rose Koh and Lucy Lo.  She also conducted Liturgy of the Word with Communion Service whenever no priest was available.  In 1990 Stephen Liew and Simon Lee started the Chinese Coordinating Committee.    The Chinese Legion of Mary was formed in 1991 while the Chinese Junior Group was formed in 1993.

Parish Priest: Fr David Sham
Assistants: Fr Mattheus Luta, Fr Postinus Kurup, Fr Sylvester Wong
PCC Chairperson: Mr Patrick Ben

Masses available:
Sun: 8:30am (CH), 10:00am (BM)

Outstation Chapels
St James Bongkud
St Jacob Tombongon
St Joseph Kokol
Our Lady Star of the Sea Togung
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Binaung Baru
St Stephen Keliangau

Pastors Past & Present
1927 Fr Valentine Weber
1947-1955 Fr A Grent
1955-1960 Fr Aloysius Tung, Fr Joseph Wang
1960-1982 Fr John Tsung, Fr Peter Ma, Fr Tobias Chi, Fr Felix Chung, Fr Joseph Dapoz
1982-1985 Fr Thomas Makajil, Fr Thomas Sham (1984)
1985-1987 Fr Thomas Sham, Fr Benjamin Basintal, Fr Peter Abas, Fr Charles Chiew, Msgr Cornelius Piong
1989-1991 Fr Alex Sipanul, Fr Augustine Amandus
1993-2001 Fr Alex Sipanul, Fr William Poilis, Msgr Primus Jouil, Fr John Mansul, Bishop John Lee, Fr Cosmas Lee, Fr Nicholas Ong, Fr Martin
June 2001-2006 Fr Ambrose Atang, Fr Michael Modoit, Fr Felix Chung
2007-          Fr David Sham, Fr Michael Modoit (2007-2014), Fr Paul Lo (2014-2017), Fr Rayner Bisius (2014-2017), Fr Mattheus Luta (9.7.2017), Fr Mitchelly Kiun (1.9.2017), Fr Postinus Kurup (1.10.2022-), Fr Sylvester Wong (1.10.2022-)

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