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Our history begins here.

At midnight on 12 March 1857, with all the supplies loaded on the Martiri, the whole party comprising Monsignors Cuarteron and Reina, Frs Riva, Borgazzi, Raimondi, the catechist Tachinni, the neophyte Puarer from Woodlark, two small boy servants, and a crew of ten, set off from Manila Bay with the two tenders Refugium Peccatorum and Consolatrix Afflictorum, destined for Labuan. They seemed certain to celebrate Easter on 12 April in their new mission. Unfortunately, caught by a sudden and violent storm just off Mindoro, one of the vessels was damaged, and the flotilla was forced to call at Panay to do repairs on the vessel. Delayed further by poor winds, the party spent Easter at sea, and did not arrive at Port Victoria in Labuan until midday on 14 April 1857.

But arrived finally they did, at the base of their new mission, nearly two years after their appointment, after long and anxious planning, annoying delays and obstacles. Once in Labuan the hand of providence seemed more visible. Initial but important achievements followed one after another in quick succession.

On 15 April 1857, the newly arrived missionaries at Labuan presented themselves to the relevant authorities and were warmly received by Governor Edwardes who pledged his government’s help and protection. Translating good will into action, the British government granted land for the building of a church, a school, and some farming to upkeep scholars. Having obtained formal acceptance of the Mission by the British, Msgr Cuarteron officially established the Mission on the 16 April 1857.

On the first Sunday the 19th April, the first Mass was celebrated attended by a handful of very mixed residents – a Dutch woman who wanted her child baptised, a Filipina married to a British Protestant and her children, a Sepoy (Indian) soldier stationed in Labuan whose friend wanted to be a Catholic, and a number of Filipino slaves who had escaped from their lords.

The Milanese Missionaries left for good in 1860, leaving Msgr Cuarteron to toil alone in Labuan from 1861 to 1879. He left Labuan on 30 July 1879 for Rome where he resigned from his post as Prefect Apostolic, went home to Cadiz, and died there on 12 March 1880.

Rome entrusted the Mission to the Mill Hill Missionaries in 1880 with Msgr Thomas Jackson, Frs Edmund Dunn, Aloysius  Goossens and Daniel Kilty as the pioneers.  It was from these missionaries that the seed of the faith grew, developed and spread to other parts of Borneo, notably North Borneo (now Sabah) and Sarawak.

The first church was built in 1932 by Fr Stotter.  It was extended by Fr Dassen in 1963/64.  The present church was built in 1970-1971 by Fr Aloysius Tung.  It was renovated by Fr Jan van der Salm in 1986.  The side chapel was built in 2001-2002.  The first rectory, built in the 1930s, was demolished in 1998.  The new rectory was completed in 2001 and blessed by Bp John Lee on 14 Apr 2002.

Labuan celebrated 150 years of Catholicism in 2007, with a rediscovery of the fundamental role played by Msgr Cuarteron in its history.  The present parish hall is named after him.

Church Address
Jalan OKK Abdullah,
P.O. Box 38,
87008 Labuan FT
Tel: 087-424285
Telefax: 087-412437

Masses available:
Sat: 6:00pm (EN)
Sun: 7:30am (EN), 9:30am (BM)

Mass on Weekdays (Mon – Fri) – 6:00am
Holy Hour – Every Thursday @7:30pm


Parish Priest          : Fr. Thomas Madanan
PPC Chairperson : Jocelyn Yeo (2023-2026)
Secretary: Lydia Alang (2023-2026)

Pastors Past & Present
Msgr Don Carlos Cuarteron 1857-1879
Fr Ignazio Borgazzi 1857-1859
Msgr Thomas Jackson mhm 1881-1896
Fr Daniel Kilty mhm 1881-1883
Fr Albert Reyffert mhm 1890-1891
Fr Oscar Louis Driessen mhm 1890-1893
Fr Benedict Pundleider mhm 1896-1906
Fr Henry Jansen mhm 1906-1912
Fr Aloysius Goossens mhm 1906-1912
Fr Augustine Willems mhm 1913-1926
Fr Aloysius Stotter mhm 1931-1936
Fr August Wachter mhm 1905-1945
Fr J Unterberger mhm 1938-1944
Fr Obertegger mhm 1938-1944
Fr Peter de Wit mhm 1946-1947
Fr Francis Sint mhm 1946-1947
Fr Wilibrord Smit mhm 1948-1956
Fr Martin Benedict Walsh mhm 1956-1962
Fr Theo Feldbrugge mhm 1961-1962
Fr Adrian Grent mhm 1962-1963
Fr Engelinus Kouters 1963
Fr Louis Dassen 1963-1964

Cont…Pastors Past & Present

Fr Patrick Cahill mhm 1965-1966
Fr Aloysius Tung Chien Chee 1967-1970
Fr John Lee Yit Yaw 1968-1969
Fr Michael A Aherne mhm 1970
Fr Herman Saraber mhm 1970-1973
Fr Jan Goedhart mhm 1971-1972
Fr John Baptist Yong 1973-1977
Fr Louis Kessels mhm 1977-1982
Fr Alex Sipanul 1982-1983
Fr Jan van der Salm mhm 1983-1995
Fr Patrick Erik Jerome 1995-1996
Fr Peter Kim Se-Mang sj 1996
Fr Nicholas Ong Se Tsin 1997-2001
Fr Aloysius Tung Chien Chee 2001-2009
Fr Fundes Motiung  2003 – 2014
Fr Tony Mojiwat 2008-2017
Msgr Primus Jouil 2014-
Fr Aloysius Fidelis 2014-2015
Fr Johnny Raju 2016
Fr Peter Abas 2017
Fr Thomas Madanan resident parish priest 1.7.2019

Fr Lucas Ho (ordained 1974)
Sr Florence Jidang fsic (professed 1981)
Sr Margaret Shak fsic (professed 1985)
Fr Mark Hoo op (ordained 2004 Canada)

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