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A tiny district in the Kudat division, Kota Marudu is mainly populated by the Kimaragang and Tobilung Dusun communities with other dwellers consisting of the Bajau, Bugis, Brunei, orang Sungai, and Suluk natives. Situated in the northern region of Sabah, Kota Marudu is bordered by Kudat, Kota Belud, Pitas and Beluran. It is located 130 kilometers away from Kota Kinabalu city, roughly two hours drive away.

Kota Marudu is formerly known as ‘Bandau’, derived from the KadazanDusun word ‘Mondou’; which according to local ancient folklore is a buffalo-like creature that had caused the residents much terror. The district’s name was consequently changed to Kota Marudu, after a famous port on Marudu Bay which was built by local warrior, Shariff Osman.

The first chapel built in Tandek District Kota Marudu was St Andrew Razak under Fr John Rooney in the 1960s.  It was also served by Fr Simon Fung after his ordination in 1963.  St Theresa was first built as a chapel in 1978.  It became a parish in the 1980s under Fr Felix Chung.

Outstation Chapels:
St Petrus Tunggung (1974)
St Michael Pinatau (1978)
St Mary Marion (1985)
St Barbara Tingkalanon (1992)
St John Togudon (1993)
St Gerard Salimandut (1994)
St Joseph Batutai (2000)

Fr Thomas Madanan (ordained 2004)

Address: Jalan Tandek, P.O. Box 369,
89107 Kota Marudu Sabah

Tel: 088-663075
Fax: 088-663973

Parish Priest: Fr Rayner Bisius
Asst Parish Priest: Fr Mitchelly Kiun
PPC Chairperson: Mr Velus Junius (2023-2026)
Secretary: Margaret Kopong (2023-2026)

Masses available:
Sat: 6:30pm (BM)
Sun: 10:30am (BM)

Pastors Past and Present:
Fr Simon Fung
Fr John Rooney mhm
Fr Michael Mewo
Fr Felix Chung
Fr Martin Wong
Fr Edward Raymond
Fr Thomas Yip
Fr Postinus Kurup
Fr Federick Raymond 2014
Fr Jack Johimi 2014
Fr Jalius Sading 2016
Fr Rayner Bisius (1.10.2022-)
Fr Mitchelly Kiun (1.10.2022-)


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