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Kota Belud is a town located in the West Coast Division of Sabah. It is located roughly at the midpoint of the federal highway connecting  Kota Kinabalu and Kudat, near the northern tip of Sabah.  The town is considered the gateway to the heartland of the Bajau people.  It is also noted for its open air market (tamu) which is held every Sunday.  Once a year, the tamu is held on a much larger scale.  During this time, it is known as the Tamu Besar or Grand Market.  The parish has four zones: Kelawat, Tambulion, Pekan and Purak Ogis.  The present church was blessed by Bishop John Lee on 18 Nov 1989.  It is under the patronage of St Edmund the Martyr.


Jalan St Edmund,
P.O. Box 50,
89157 Kota Belud Sabah
Tel: 088-976186
Fax: 088-976758

Parish Priest: Fr Jalius Sading
Assistant: Fr. Maxmilliano Hontor (30.11.2023 -)
PPC Chairman: Jerrel Soo (2023-2026)
Secretary: Jane Nain (2023-2026)

Mass available:
Sun: 7:30am (BM)

Sr Winnie Tuaran fsic (professed 1997)
Sr Lusiah Kayoh fsic (professed 2002)

Pastors Past & Present
Fr. Ambrose Atang (–until October 2022)
Fr. Florian Marcus (31.7.2017 -30.11. 2023)
Fr. Jalius Sading (Oct 2022 – )


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