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kepayanThe first Mass was celebrated by Fr George Lampe mhm at the end of the 1960s at SRK Kepayan, Police Headquarters.  The first chapel was built in 1974 for 200 people under the supervision of Fr Willibrord Smit from the donations of the people of Kg Kapayan and Police Christian personnel.  It also served the people of Kg Ganang and Kg Nosob.  It is  under the patronage of the lawyer saint whose feast day falls on  June 22: St Thomas More (1477-1535) and the administrative care of Stella Maris Tanjung Aru.  The present church was blessed and opened by Msgr Cornelius Piong on 8 Nov 1990.


Parish Priest:  Fr Jefri Gomu
Assistants: Fr Primus Jouil, Fr. Peter Abas & Fr. Peter Chung
PPC Chairperson: Julius Issu (2023-2026)
Ida Anthony (2023-2026)

Address: Gereja St Thomas, 88200 Kepayan Kota Kinabalu
Website: St Thomas Kepayan

Masses: Sun 8:00 AM (KD);  5:00 PM (BM)

Pastors (Past & Present)
Msgr Primus Jouil
Fr Tony Mojiwat
Fr Johnny Raju
Fr Peter Abas
Fr Ambrose Atang
Fr Jefri Gomu

Fr Fundes Motiung (ordained 1998)
Fr Edward Raymond (ordained 1999)
Fr Federick Raymond (ordained 2002)

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