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Carved out of St Michael Penampang, it was erected on 1 Oct 2014 with Fr Alex Sipanul as parish priest and Fr Jimsy Julius as his assistant.  The parish is made up of 13 churches with the still under construction Madsiang church as the main church.  The other churches are: St Joseph Pogunon; Christ the King Kipouvo; Sacred Heart Inobong;  Sts Peter & Paul Babagon; The Risen Christ Timpangoh Babagon; St Stephen Kibunut; St Martin Moyog; St Thomas Togudon, Holy Cross Togudon; St Andrew Longkogungan; St Joseph Kalangaan, and The Presentation Pongobonon.

The inaugural Mass, celebrated at Sacred Heart Inobong on 1 Oct 2014, was presided by Msgr Primus Jouil, concelebrated with Fr Sipanul, Fr Jimsy, Fr Michael Modoit, Fr Rayner Bisius and Fr Florian Marcus.

Postal Address: Holy Trinity Parish Inobong, P.O. Box 1150, 89507 Penampang Sabah Malaysia.
Fax: 088-713032

Parish Pastoral Council 2015-2018
Parish Priest: Fr Alex Sipanul (014-3511982)
Asst Parish Priest: Fr Jack J Sigam (013-5507007)
PCC Chairperson: Vitalis Makajil (016-8111005)(Inobong)
Deputy Chairperson: Anne Lasimbang (Kipouvo)
Secretary: Elsie Giluk (Inobong)
Asst Secretary: Hilda Golud (Babagon)
Members: Louis Lojuki (Pogunon), Roger Sampil (Madsiang), Clive M Gasan (Babagon), George Pipin (Inobong), Benjamin Soikun (Pogunon)

Parish Finance & Property Council 2015-2018
Parish Priest: Fr Sunny Chung (April 2022 – )
Asst Parish Priest: Fr Johnny Raju (01.10.2022 – )
Members: Dr Felix Tongkul (chairman), Elias Gisain (deputy chairman), Agnes Galun (secretary), Hilda Pius (asst secretary), Josue Lozitin (treasurer), Domissin Gosungkit (committee member)

Masses available:
Sun: 7:00 AM (KD)
Tue-Sat: 6:00 AM (KD)

Fr Thomas Makajil (ordained 1978)
Sr Sylvia George fsp (professed 1989)+
Fr Michael Modoit (ordained 2000)
Fr Mattheus A Luta (ordained 2010)
Fr Florian Marcus (ordained 2011)
+ deceased

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Pastors Past and Present
Fr Alex Sipanul 2014 – 9th April 2022 (RIP)
Fr Jimsy Julius (assistant) 2014
Fr Tony Mojiwat (assistant) 2015-2019
Fr Jack Sigam (assistant) 1.7.2019 – 01.10.2022

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