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st catherine of siena inanam_editedInanam is a town and sub-district of Kota Kinabalu. It is situated 10 km from Kota Kinabalu city centre. The town population consists of Dusuns and the Chinese who operate the shops. St Catherine Inanam community started in 1926.  The first school (also used for Mass on Sundays) was built in 1947 under Fr V Schoor with the help of Sacred Heart Mission school boarders.  The patron saint of the school was St Catherine of Alexandria.  The second school building was built in 1958.  The first resident priest was Fr Joseph Dapoz  in 1965.  He spoke Kadazandusun well and baptised around 2,285 people from 1965 to 1981.  In 1966 he built the rectory.  The Parish Council was established in 1967 with Cornelius Paut as the chairman.  In 1969 Fr Dapoz built the first  church.  It was blessed by Apostolic Delegate Abp Renato Martino in the presence of Bishop James Buis and Bishop Peter Chung in August 1973.  The present church was built by Fr Alex Sipanul in 1989.  It was blessed by Bishop John Lee and opened by Datuk Bernard Dompok on 9 Dec 1990.  It hosted the priestly ordination of Deacon Patrick @ Erik of Kg Kiambalang on 6 January 1991.  The old church became the parish hall.  The resident priests also look after the faithful in Good Shepherd Manggatal (since 1988) and Holy Family Telipok (since 1996) as well as those of the new Divine Mercy Church in KKIP (2014).

Jalan Kiansom, WDT 10,
89359 Inanam SabahTel: 088-421293
Fax: 088-421700

Parish Priest: Fr David Sham
Assistants: Fr. Sylvester Wong (01.10.2022 -)
Fr. Postinus Kurup (01.10.2022-)
Fr. Mattheus Luta (9.7.2017)

PPC Chairperson: Mr Paul Augustine (2023-2026)
Secretary: Cassandra Kok (2023-2026)

Masses available
Sat: 6:00pm (KD)
Sun: 8:00am (BM)

Fr Patrick Erik Jerome (ordained 1991)
Sr Terecia Loukang fsic (professed 1992)
Sr Doris Abiu fsic (professed 1995)
Fr Maxmillianno Benhor Hontor (ordained 2014)
Fr Leslie Bingkasan sj (ordained 1.9.2017)

Pastors Past & Present
1948 Fr Dominic Bekema
1948-1952 Fr Arnold Verhoeven
1952-1954 Fr Anthony Putman, Fr JW Roetenberg
1954 Fr Antonissen
1955-1956 Fr Francis Cowan
1956-1957 Fr Georg Bauer
1958 Fr Georg Lampe
1958-1961 Fr J Giggenbacher
1961-1964 Fr Freiricks
1965-1980 Fr Joseph Dapoz
1982-1984 Fr Felix Chung
1984-1985 Fr Thomas Makajil
1985-1988 Fr Benjamin Basintal, Fr Augustine Amandus
1988-2001 Fr Alexander Sipanul
June 2001 Fr Ambrose Atang, Fr Michael Modoit
2003-2006 Fr Felix Chung
2006 Fr David Sham
2014-2017 Fr Paul Lo
2014-2017 Fr Rayner Bisius
2017  Fr Mattheus Luta
2017- Oct 2022)  Fr Mitchelly Kiun
Fr. Sylvester Wong (2022 – )
Fr. Postinus Kurup (Oct 2022 -)

Outstation Chapels/Churches

St Augustine Babagon Toki (1997)
St Mary Kionsom (1980)
St Paul Kionsom Kecil
St Simon Pulau Penampang (1997)
St Teresa D’Avila Bantayan (2005)
St Victor Poring-poring (1983)

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