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The Catholic Bundu Tuhan Mission started in 1955. Besides the Bundu Tuhan Retreat Centre (BTRC) there is St Pius X Church (1987), a chapel (1983), a priest’s house (1983), and the Mount La Verna Convent (1966). Across the road is the Don Bosco Children’s Home (1966) which accommodates about 80 children (orphans, abused children, hardcore poor), ages between 5 and 18. The running operation of the orphanage is managed by the parish with donations from the general public.  The present home was opened on 29 March 1998.

Located 85 km from Kota Kinabalu, the Bundu Tuhan Retreat Centre (BTRC) is one of the largest retreat centres in Sabah, and its surrounding areas which are covered by greens and forests, top up with cool air, and peaceful environment make it an almost perfect place for retreats and seminars. The day time temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius and the night time temperature can drop to 18 degrees Celsius. The BTRC is made up of two main buildings in the shape of the letter L. The three-storey wooden building was built in the 1984. The four-storey concrete building was built in the 1990s. The rooms are basic. Facilities include a conference hall with a mini PA system, meeting rooms and kitchenettes. The retreat centre can accommodate a maximum capacity of 230 persons and there are six types of rooms available. Priority for reservation is given for archdiocesan and parish events.

Address: Jalan Bundu Tuhan, P.O. Box 1032,
89308 Ranau Sabah

Tel: 088-889948, 088-889942
Fax: 088-889940

Parish Priest: Fr Frederick Raymond
Asst Parish Priest: Fr Tony Mojiwat
PPC Chairperson: Mr Simon Paing (2023-2026)
Secretary: Jailine Endam (2023-2026)

Masses available:
Sat: 6:00pm (KD)
Sun: 8:00am (BM)

Pastors Past & Present
1955-1956 Fr Anthony Putman
1956-1963 Fr Roetenberg
1957 Fr Freirichs
1958 Fr Frank Cowan
1959 Fr Jan van der Salm
1961 Fr Dussen
1964-1965 Fr Gichembacher
1965 Fr V Breemen
1965-1966 Fr Van der Schoor
1967 Fr John Rooney
1967-1969 Fr V Breemen
1967-1970 Fr Augustine Amandus
1969-1975 Fr Jan van Velzen
1975-1980 Fr Augustine Amandus
1980-1987 Fr Cornelius Piong
1983-1986 Fr Joseph Liansim
1987-1990 Fr David Sham
1991-1994 Fr Gilbert Engan
1994 Fr Peter Abas
1994-2001 Fr John Mansul
1998-2001 Fr Alex Jimsy
2001-2006 Fr David Sham
2006-2014 Fr Ambrose Atang, Fr Mattheus Luta (2010-2014)
2014 Fr Michael Modoit, Fr Isidore Gilbert
1.7.2019 Fr Tony Mojiwat (assistant)
1.10.2022 Fr Frederick Raymond

Bishop Julius Gitom (1989)
Fr Giovanni Chrysostom Sugau cse (2012)
Sr Mary Sualeh fsp

Outstation Chapels
St Michael Tudan (2000)
St Bruno Toboh (1993)
St Valentine Himbaan (1977)
St Patrick Kiau Teburi (1952)
St Anthony Kiau Bersatu (1959)
St Irenius Kiau Nuluh (1993)
St Petrus Lobong Lobong (1987)
St Augustine Kaung (1960)
Rusod Tobitua Tomis Jaya (2001)
Holy Cross Tomis (1962)
St Anthony Tiong Gondohon (1962)
St John Tiong Ratau (1956)
St Yohanes Pembaptis Tiong Perungusan (1979)
St Francis of Assisi Tiong Temburung (1992)
St Bernard Sinulihan (1958)
St Dominic Lokos (1993)
St Joseph Kotunuon Lama (1982)
St Paul Wassai (2001)
St Philip Pekan Nabalu (1990)
St Theresa Simpangan (1991)
St Joseph Nadau (1980)
St Peter Pahu (1991)
St Joseph Taginambur ((2000)
St Joseph Rungus Turongohon (1989)
St Bede Rungus Nahaba (1987)
St Pius V Bongol (1998)
St Geoffrey Bontik (1981)

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