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Luyang is an established inner-urban high-density residential area to the east of Kota Kinabalu.  Further on is  Taman Tun Fuad Stephens, also called Bukit Padang.   Located around 5 km from Kota Kinabalu, it is a popular place among locals who wants to refresh themselves and do some exercise.

The Church of Mary Immaculate (CMI) sitting on a 2.2 acre piece of land was built by Fr Thomas Sham in the suburb of Luyang.  It came about because when Fr Sham was the pastor of the Sacred Heart Cathedral (1987-1988) he noticed the way parishioners literally had to force their way into the church compound for services, while parishioners who were leaving had to undergo a similar ordeal.  That was when he remembered that the church owned a 2.2 acre piece of property in Bukit Padang.

After consultation with Bishop John Lee, Fr Sham approached the state finance ministry officials to explore the possibility of government assistance to put up a new church on that property.  He met with positive response.  Within three months of coming to serve at SHC Fr Sham put into motion a plan to build a new church.

CMI was blessed by Bishop John Lee on 31 October 1993. It is a triangular-shaped building with a 60-ft hands-clasped-in-prayer bell tower equipped with an electric chime.  This church, administered by the pastors of Sacred Heart Cathedral, underwent two changes of names before it was finally agreed upon.  The previous names were “Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace” and “Church of Mary Immaculate Conception.”

In honour of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, a grotto was constructed in the compound in 1999 with materials for the grotto donated by Gregory Chong and for the fencing by Gerard Ho.  It was blessed by the Bishop John Lee on 8 Dec 1999, Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception.

The church services cater for the populace of Luyang, residents in the Tun Faud Park area towards Penampang along Jalan Bundusan up to Kinamount, in 20 tamans under nine zones.

Initiated by Doreen Poh, the English Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLOW) began on 22 Nov 1998.

First Holy Communion class started on 6 Jan 2002.

The 3-acre rear car park was completed on 31 July 2016.

The daily morning Mass at 6:30 am started on 2 Jan 2019 under Fr Paul Lo.

Address:  Church of Mary Immaculate  Jalan Kolam, Bukit Padang, P.O. Box 21283, 88770 Luyang  Kota Kinabalu Sabah
Tel: 088-244345

Parish Priest: Fr Paul Lo (16.08.2018)
Assistants:   Fr Simon William, Fr Russell Lawrine, Fr Terans Thadeus
PPC Chairperson: Mdm Catherine Engsun-Sinidol (2018-2022, 2023 -2026)

Secretary: Henry Chua

Masses available:

Daily (Mon-Fri): 6:30 am (EN)
Sat: 6:00pm (CH)
Sun: 8:00am (EN)

1993-2001: Fr Cosmas Lee, Fr Aloysius Fidelis (1993-1997), Fr Nicholas Stephen (1997-2001), Fr John Wong (1991-2002)
2001-2014: Msgr Primus Jouil, Fr Nicholas Ong (2001-2007), Fr Simon Kontou (2002-2007), Fr John Wong (2004-2014), Fr Wilfred Atin (2006-2008, 2010-2017), Fr Jeffri Gumu (2012-2016)
2014 – 2018:  Abp John Wong, Fr Rhobby Mojolou (2014-2017), Fr Abel Madisang (2015-2016), Fr Maxmillanno Hontor (2015), Fr Mitchelly Kiun (2016-2017), Fr Joshua Liew (2016), Fr Paul Lo (1.9.2017)
2018: Fr Paul Lo, Fr Maxmilliano Hontor, Fr Joshua Liew, Fr Russell Lawrine (2018)
1.10.2022: Fr Paul Lo, Fr Simon William, Fr Russel Lawrine, Fr Terans Thadeus


Building Committee (1990)
Adviser: Fr Thomas Sham
Chairman: Andrew Thien
Secretary: Philip Thien
Treasurer: Thomas Koh
Committee Members: Datuk Thasius Joeman, Robert Lim, Daniel Wong, Albert Chan
Architect Firm – PC Chartered Architect KK

Protem Church Committee (1990)
President: Fr Thomas Sham
Chairman: Stephen Shee
Vice Chairman: Michael Chong
Secretary: Gerald Chua Kok Hwa
Treasurer: Martin Ho
Committee Members: Andrew Thien, Thomas Koh, Datuk Thasius Joeman, Thomas Lam, George Sham, Robert Lim, Lawrence Chong, Leo Wong, David Ho, Ben Voon, Philip Yapp, Paul Lee

Building Committee (1993)
Adviser: Fr Thomas Sham
Chairman: Andrew Thien Nyuk Kui
Secretary: Philip Thien
Committee Members: Datuk Thasius Joeman, Robert Lim

Protem Management Committee (1993)
President: Fr Thomas Sham
Chairman: Stephen Shee
Vice Chairman: Michael Chong
Secretary: Thomas Lam Wing Kong
Treasurer: Benjamin Voon En Syak
Committee Members: Richard HK Wong, Andrew Thien, Lawrence Chong, Philip Yapp, David Ho, Leo Wong, George Sham, Robert Lim, Thomas Koh, Paul VL Lee, Datuk Thasius Joeman, William Tham Peng Loi, Michael Tseu Kin Chung, Danny Wong

CWL Protem Committee (1990)
Spiritual Director: Fr Thomas Sham
Chairperson: Susan Shee
Secretary: Anne Tien
Treasurer: Janet Ho
Committee Members: Iris Tan, Elizabeth Yapp, Elizabeth Lee, Laura Thien, Anita Chan, Emily Guan Sing, Paula Piong, Magdalein Liow, Christian Joseph, Helen Ng

CWL Protem Committee 1993
Sp Director: Fr Thomas Sham
Chairperson: Susan Shee
Secretary: Anne Tien
Treasurer: Janet Ho
Committee Members: Elizabeth Yapp, Elizabeth Chong, Laura Thien, Anita Chan, Iris Tan, June Chin, Rosalind Tsen, Veronica Lee, Emily Guan Sing, Paula Piong, Magdalein Liow, Christina Joseph, Amy Wong, Lucy Wang, Veronica Siau, Annie Thien

1990:  reclamation works – RM75,000.00 – 2.5 months, 5,000 lorry trips under the supervision of Philip Thien and Fr Sham. The portion of the land on which the building proper – a triangular-shaped two-storey  building with a built-up area of 15,000 sq ft – needed no piling as it stood on solid ground. The area reclaimed was largely for the car park area providing for about 150 car parking bays.
May 1990 – concrete works by New Asia Construction Co Sdn Bhd
June 1990 – completion of site preparation
Mid-August 1990 – Formwork on top floor
Dec 1990 – formworks of roof beams
1 May 1991 – completion of building structural works including Cross and Hands
9 Nov 1991 – Fundraising for CMI building project at SHC
30 Nov 1991 – Fundraising Dinner
24 Dec 1991 – Christmas Midnight Mass by Bishop Lee at 11 pm
17 Apr 1992 – Chinese Good Friday Service 3 pm
19 Apr 1992 – Easter Sunday Mass 8 am
7 Dec 1992 – Sunday Evening Mass 5 pm
19 Dec 1992 – Chinese Sunset Mass 6 pm
20 Dec 1992 – English Sunday Morning Mass 8 am
24 Feb 1993 – Chinese Ash Wednesday Mass 7:30 pm
27 Feb 1993 – Chinese Sunset Mass 6 pm (fixed)
19 Sept 1993 – English Sunday Mass 9 am (fixed)
31 Oct 1993 – Blessing of the church by Bishop John Lee 9 am
28 Aug 1994 – CMI committee pledge-taking
9 Oct 1994 – CMI facilities open for use
28 Oct 1995 – Chinese novena moved from SHC to CMI on Sat 5:30 pm
24 Feb 1996 – New CMI postal address: P.0. Box 21283, 88770 Luyang Post Office KK
14 Mar 1996 – SH Chinese Prayer Group shifts its venue to CMI (due to demolition and construction of the new parish centre)
8 Sept 1996 – Blessing of multipurpose shed (canteen)
23 Dec 1996 – Carols by Candlelight
27 Dec 1996 – Narration of Nativity Story 7:30 pm
26 Dec 1997 – Carols by Candlelight by SH English Prayer Group 8 pm
12 May 1998 – English Legion of Mary Meeting with Sr Carmen Cordova as spiritual director, Matthew Isidore as president, Doreen Chin as vice prez, Victoria Voon as secretary and Catherine Kung as treasurer.
22 Nov 1998 – English Children’s Liturgy of the Word initiated by Doreen Poh
19 Jan 1999 – Formation of Chinese Legion of Mary
8 Dec 1999 – Blessing of the Grotto by Bishop John Lee, 7:30 pm
6 Jan 2002 – First Holy Communion class begins under Victoria Voon and Helen Bagiu.
29 June 2002 – Final Profession of Sr Shirley Chong of the Daughters of St Paul
21.10.2004 – Intercessory Ministry established in CMI
5 Feb 2011 – Boys/Girls Brigades moved their weekly activities to CMI canteen
5-7 Dec 2011 – inaugural triduum of prayer for feast day celebration
18 Jan 2018 – inaugural monthly holy hour by Fr Paul Lo 8 pm
14 Feb 2018 – Two Masses on Ash Wednesday: 6 am (Eng) and 7:30 pm (Chinese)
22 Aug 2018 – CMI Silver Jubilee Pilgrimage to Church of Divine Mercy KKIP
2 Sept 2018 – Launching of Silver Jubilee Exhibition & Unveiling of Church Extension
24-26 Oct 2018 – Triduum for Silver Jubilee
28 Oct 2018 – Silver Jubilee Celebration Mass & Dinner (Putera Theatre Ballroom)
11 Feb 2019 – Groundbreaking for RM3.5m CMI Extension (open hall, 6 meeting rooms, canteen, rectory and toilets)
23 Mar 2019 – Lenten Visit to St Theresa Kota Marudu
7 Apr 2019 – CMI Sunday bulletin starts

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