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Formed in 1980, the ADST is responsible for training of leaders to lead in local prayer groups, provide guidelines for development of new groups and to give members the right teaching. It was formed to mobilise the CCR under the authority of the archbishop to ensure the healthy development of the movement.

Coordinator: Hector Jintoni    Tel: 019-8514001
Secretary: Daniel Kong     Tel: 019-8208030
Treasurer: Patrick Adau
John Chan (Chinese)    Tel: 019-8513088
Anthony Lim (English)   Tel: 019-8109461
George Erus (BM)  Tel: 013-8669684
Maurice Awit (BM)  Tel: 013-8760494
Peter Lo (Kdzn)  Tel: 013-8729829
Frankie Limus (Kdzn)  Tel: 012-8277272
Fax: 088-723852

Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR)

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