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shepherds-voiceGood evening to you,
Members of Board of Trustees and Board of Governors
Headmistress of SRS Datuk Simon Fung, Mdm Mary Lojinon
All teachers, staff, parents and students gathered here this evening
Distinguished guests
Datuk-datuk, Datin-datin, Ladies and Gentlemen

Last year around this time I was here to witness your 26th Annual Speech Night.  Tonight it is the 27th Speech Night.  Time really flies.  As year passes by, each of us is getting older.  But at the same time, we become wiser too because we see many new things, hear many new things, go through many new experiences, and hopefully, through all that, we become better persons.

I remember in my speech last year, I said that the mission of the Church through the provision of education is not only to help our young to have solid academic foundation, but above all, we hope to build the moral character of the individuals.  And to do that, I said we need “to treat our students as PERSONS who are growing up, who need to be properly nurtured in character and in wisdom and knowledge.”  If this is the case, then our teaching staff are not only called “teachers,” but they are also called “formators.”

We sometimes read about teachers in certain schools who misbehaved and treated their students badly.  We also hear that there are those who only wait for their pay checks but have no commitment in their role as educators.  When cases like these are getting more, no wonder many parents are worrying what would become of their children when they leave school.

SRS Datuk Simon Fung was set up almost 30 years ago with a mission.  Our mission is to provide quality education in an environment which is helpful in nurturing the potentials of an individual.  That environment is based on our belief that God creates every person in His own image and likeness.

Since every child is unique and special in the eyes of God, it is right therefore that he or she is to be treated with respect and love.  When a child experiences respect and love at an early age, he or she will do the same to others when he or she gets older.

I believe that when we invest our time in nurturing good values in our young, we will reap a caring and loving Malaysian society in future.  I know this sounds idealistic but the future of our nation is in our hands.  We have the responsibility now to prepare a new generation that can transcend racial and religious differences, transcend socio-economic background and accept one another as brothers and sisters.  If this is our common goal in our school, then let us do our best to show the way through our holistic approach in the formation of our young.

To all the students who will be leaving the school, and those who will receive awards for their performance, congratulations for your good work!  I hope you will continue to pay attention to your studies as you enter secondary school next year.

Finally, I wish to thank the headmistress and all the teachers for another good year; also all the supporting staff for their dedication.  To the Board of Governors and Trustees, thank you for your time and service to the school.  As I have said before, it is important that we move together as a team towards our common goal.  Together we can transform our society.

May God bless our efforts.  Thank you.

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