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shepherds-voiceDear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We have just witnessed the renewal of vows of two Brothers of St Gabriel, namely, Br Joseph Philip and Br Paulus Anak Tuan.  Let us congratulate them for their courage and generosity.

Occasions like this always remind us that life is a vocation itself.  Some of us are called to the married life, some to the priesthood, and some to the religious life.  But whatever that calling is, when we respond and live out that vocation faithfully, the grace of God will not disappoint you.  Otherwise, life will be a mess.

Imagine a person chooses to get married but later on is not faithful to his or her spouse, that marriage will suffer.  The same with a priest or religious: when he chooses to consecrate his life to God but later on does not keep his vows, his life will be a mess.

When Br Joseph and Br Paulus came forward to renew their vows, I believe they were responding to their calling with faith and trust in God, knowing that with God’s grace, they would remain faithful to their vocation.  For that, let us thank God for the gift of these two brothers.  Let us pray for them that they will zealously serve God and the Church through their vocation as Religious Brothers.

My congratulations to you, Joseph and Paulus.  I think by choosing the Brothers of St Gabriel as your religious community, you would have understood well its mission and charism.  As long as you keep that “fire” burning within you, I believe you will find joy and peace in your service.  Always look forward to more surprises from God.

Dear friends, this evening we also celebrate the year-end Christmas party for this centre.  Many of you are looking forward to a good rest after the hardwork this year.  To all the Brothers and the staff, thank you for your contribution to make this centre a true witness of the Church’s social concern.  I know it is not easy to ensure the upkeep of the place, especially when you have so many students to take care of.  But I always believe that when all of you are of one mind and one heart, no difficulty is too big to overcome.  Thank you and keep up your good works!

To the students, I hope your stay here in the past one year has benefited you not only in terms of skills, but more so as a human person.  Please continue to aim high and improve yourselves more.  Do not allow the negative elements in society destroy who you are.  Remember, you have only one life.  Live that life properly.  As long as you keep your eyes focused on Jesus and follow his teachings, I am sure you will find life more meaningful.

Finally, to the benefactors and friends of Montfort, I think the words THANK YOU cannot fully express the support you have shown to this centre.  Without you, the Brothers would find it difficult to sustain a place like this.  I pray that as you continue your generous support, the Good Lord will reward you, and your loved ones, with abundant blessings.

May God bless each and every one of you as you prepare for Christmas.  Thank you.

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