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shepherds-voiceGood evening to you all.

We are here tonight to celebrate the 28th anniversary of the episcopal ordination of our beloved Archbishop Emeritus John Lee.  I wish to tale the opportunity to wish His Grace “A blessed and joyful anniversary” and “May your Grace continue to enjoy the peace and love of God in your retirement.”

I just realised that when Abp Emeritus was ordained bishop in 1987, I was only 19 years old at that time.  It is indeed beyond my imagination that I am now holding the pastoral staff, taking over the heavy burden from him as your shepherd.  That is why I need your continuous support in prayer and by working together with me, so that all the good works started by Abp Emeritus will be further multiplied in the years to come.

Since his retirement, I could see that Abp Emeritus is more relax nowadays.  But I know he is still working hard behind the scene by praying for our archdiocese and for the local churches in Sabah and Malaysia.  We really need his intercession because as you know, the situations in our country are fast changing, unlike in the good old days when we were more sure about our future.  Nowadays many people are hoping that we can have good and trustworthy governance from the government.  Many too hope that our national leaders can take up their responsibilities more seriously, protecting the interests of all races and religions.  But all these hopes can only be achieved if we play our part.  One way is to pray for our country more fervently.  And I know Abp Emeritus is doing his part well.  For this, we truly appreciate his support.

Aside from that, in times like this, his pastoral advice is also most welcome.  You know that the Church is in the world, not out of the world.  So there are concrete matters which we need to deal with, both within the archdiocese and with the society at large.  I am sure that with his vast experience, Abp Emeritus’ advice on such issues will be well received by anyone.  For this, I wish to thank him for his support.

I guess this is what I wish to say tonight.  Once again, congratulations to Abp Emeritus on his 28th anniversary as a bishop.  I invite all of you to remember him in your prayers so that His Grace will be blessed with good health and a grace-filled retirement.  Thank you.

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