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Cardinal Sim: Brunei Church has something to share with older Churches

According to newly-created Cardinal Cornelius Sim of Brunei, young Catholic communities, such as his, could have something to share with Churches in traditionally Christian countries about how to live the faith, without drawing attention. In an interview to Vatican News, he speaks about the various aspects of the Church in the tiny, Muslim-majority Asian nation.

“The Catholic Church in Brunei, in a sense, is a periphery within the periphery. Some Churches like ours, don’t make the headlines. We are generally required to live our Christian faith, without drawing attention to ourselves.”

This is how the Apostolic Vicar of Brunei, Cardinal Cornelius Sim described his flock in a recent interview with Vatican News.

Brunei recently came into the limelight when Pope Francis on 25 October announced that the head of the Catholic Church in the tiny nation would be among 13 new cardinals of the Catholic Church. The Pope officially inducted them into the College of Cardinal at a ceremony in the Vatican, called a consistory, on Nov. 28.  

A tiny but prosperous Southeast Asian nation on the northeast coast of Borneo, Brunei has a very generous welfare programme, with most of its wealth coming from petroleum and gas. The vast majority of the country’s over 460,000 people profess Islam, the official religion of the country.  However, others are allowed to practice their faiths in peace and harmony.   Read more…

SOURCE : Vatican News

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