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How not to feel isolated when praying the Rosary

Unite yourself with the saints in Heaven and all those in the world praying the Rosary right now.

Often when we pray, whether it is the Rosary or some other form of prayer, it can be tempting to feel alone and isolated. Many of us thrive when we are praying with other people and struggle with solitary prayer.

A central key to overcoming feelings of isolation in personal prayer is to unite yourself in a spiritual way to the Church, both on earth and in Heaven. We may not realize it, but our prayer is never done alone.

First of all, God is with us in prayer. Especially during the Rosary, Jesus and his Blessed Mother are right there at our side. We may not be able to see them with our physical eyes, but on occasion we may feel their presence in our heart.

Secondly, we can unite ourselves to the saints in Heaven and all those praying the Rosary at this moment in time. Again, we are not able to physically see this unification take place, but it is a real spiritual reality that our faith affirms is true. In a mystical way, we can pray, not in isolation, but in union with God and all those in union with him.

To help remember this mysterious reality, here is a prayer from the book The Rosary Guide for Priests and People that can be recited before praying the Rosary. It reminds us of the hidden spiritual union that takes place and allows us a little glimpse of what awaits us in Heaven, when we will be united at last to God and all the citizens of the heavenly realm.I unite myself to all the saints who are in Heaven, to all the just who are on the earth, to all the faithful souls who are in this place. I unite myself to you, my Jesus, to praise worthily your most Holy Mother, and to praise you in her and with her. I offer this Rosary for all who have ever asked my prayers, for all whom I have neglected or scandalized, and for all benefactors living and deceased. –  Philip Kosloski,

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