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ETC participants share their experiences

God has restored my spiritual life and deepened my faith through Emmaus Teens camp especially during the session “Your life is beautiful”. During ETC, I felt His presence close to me. Before this I felt that the Lord was unreachable and far and I could not sense him. Through programmes in ETC, He has opened my eyes to see that He is always present in my heart, in my friends, my family and the priests who celebrate Mass every week. My relationship with God is growing closer and I could feel in my heart that God is here hugging me close. – Audry Yeulanda Ng, Inanam

 We were given the opportunity to visit the sickly people in Queen Elizabeth Hospital II. This exposure trip has opened my eyes to serve people who are in need. The session ‘Your life is beautiful’ has opened my mind about the situation and issues faced by teens today such as homosexual relationships, sex before marriage and abortion. It gave me the motivation to continue to be watchful of myself as a teenager. I gained a lot through this camp, I learned about my Catholic faith and history of the Catholic Church in Sabah, I felt God’s presence through the talk session ‘Eucharist: GOD IS LOVE’, I got the chance to learn prayers such as divine office and lectio divina and I also learned to conserve water as we were taught to use one bucket of water only for bathe in order to appreciate water. I feel my relationship with God has started to grow closer through all the daily prayers and daily Mass during ETC2014. – Albert Wong, Inanam

I have received many blessings during this camp such as new friends, new lessons and great food too. I felt the presence of God throughout this camp. I experienced forgiveness and learned to open myself through group sharing. The session “Eucharist: God is love” inspired me most and made me realize the greatness of God’s love as well as appreciating Jesus’ sacrifice for me. I hope and pray that my personal relationship with Jesus will give me the grace of strength, confidence and faith and that one day be united with God in heaven. – Alessa Dorod @Ronnie, Kota Kinabalu

 I was touched by the close relationship between the participants and facilitators as one family in Christ. I am grateful because God gave me the courage to answer His call to follow ETC 2014. This program has opened my eyes about the love of God that is so beautiful to me. I felt God was really close to me during the Mass at Carmelite on the 4th day. As the gospel was read by the priest, I felt Jesus himself was speaking to me from the Gospel during the homily. I heard Him say that He would protect me and would remain in me. I tried my best to hold my tears and I felt the presence of Jesus with me at that time. Jesus has always  accepted me although I feel unworthy and sinful. This love is like the love of a Father to His Son. Through this program, I have experienced a deeper relationship with Jesus and I want to continue coming to Him everyday. – Marcella Mercy Banawas Wellideh, Kota Belud

I would like to praise and thank the Lord Jesus Christ for giving me the opportunity to join this camp. From the camp I learned to be firm in my Catholic faith and to open myself through group sharing and my group members were all very supportive and humorous. The session “Eucharist: God is Love” touched me most and I also learned to appreciate Jesus’ sacrifice and God’s great love for humanity. When I go back to my parish, I want to share what I have learned through this camp to the other youths. – Olivia Petrus, Telipok

 Why do I come and join ETC and what is it? ETC has answered these questions in my heart. I came with a heavy heart filled with problems and burdens but the counseling session with a Sister has helped me to see hope through all these, I am deeply touched. I realize that no matter how many hurtful words the people who are close to me used to judge my imperfection but in Jesus’ eyes I am perfect. ETC paved for me a nearer relationship with God and I am happy. – Vennea Joanne, Papar


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