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this month in history

1890 Arrival of Fr Driesen in Labuan
1962 Arrival of Fr S van Hasselt in Borneo
1976 NFP seminar on Sr Rosalind Chan fmm in Keningau
1977 Awareness seminar for St Francis Convent students by catechetical commission
Formation of CWL Tuaran
1978 Fr John Rooney mhm begins his research project on Sabah Church History (Khabar Gembira)
1980 John & Penny Carroll, Fred Dunn & Jeremy of Brisbane Emmanuel Covenant Community visit Sabah CCR members
1994 Fr Ben Basintal takes over Catholic Sabah from Fr Jan vd Salm while Fr Patrick Jerome becomes CDC rector
1997 Consecrated Life seminar organised by Council of Religious (COR) in BTRC


Nov 1

1953 1st profession of FSIC Novice Joan (Josephine) Neubronner of Limbahau
1994 Death of Fr Anthony (Toon) Mulders mhm, 84, Vrijland Holland

Nov 2

1989 5th CWL Assembly Nov 2-5 BTRC
1990 Retreat for married couples by Fr John Ha St Simon Likas Nov 2-4

Nov 3

1928 Msgr Wachter’s first visit to SHC Jesselton Nov 3-7
1989 1st module of Catholic Evangelisation Training Course Nov 3-15 CDC
1991 3rd module of Catholic Evangelisation Training Course Nov 3-10 CDC
Conference on Rape, its effects, prevention & legal aspects SHPC
2000 KK Diocese joins time capsule (capsule c/s/8) organised by KK City Hall
2002 3rd ecumenical walk for Jesus organized by SCC in aid of Prison Fellowship held simultaneously in KK, Sandakan, Tawau, Lahad Datu, Beaufort, Keningau, Sipitang & Kudat

Nov 4

1991 Priestly ordination of Deacon Boniface Kimsin by Bp Lee, Bundu Kuala Penyu
2016 SHC-CMI PPC Formation II BTRC

Nov 5

1892 St Mary Convent Sandakan opened by FMSJ Srs Theresa, Peter, Rose & Colette
1999 Keningau Solidarity Sports Carnival Tambunan Nov 5-8
2002 OPS & media seminars by Sr Consolata Manding fsp in KK & Keningau Nov 5-17

Nov 6

1982 2nd choral festival interior district Keningau
1991 Priestly ordination of Deacon Bruno Yasun by Bp Lee Ranau
1992 8th CWL Assembly Nov 6-9 BTRC
1993 Journalism course for CS correspondents by PAX-IPC Nov 6-7 CDC
1994 Blessing of new St Dominic Lahad Datu by Bp Lee

Nov 7

1979 2nd Aggiornamento by Fr Jose Calle sj, Sr Julma Neo dc, & Tessie Nitorreda, KK Seminary Nov 7-11
1988 Fr William vd Salm mhm leaves Sabah for good
1993 Blessing of new Holy Cross Toboh Tambunan by Bp Piong
1995 CCR convention in Toboh Tambunan
1998 Sabah Legion of Mary raised to a comitium (3rd highest body after concilium & senatus) which monitors activities of all seven curiae, presided by Bp Lee CMI
2015 Franciscan Get-Together 2: Update of St Francis Convent Secondary School Building Project & Launching of Alumni Website, Museum C Woolley Room
2016 Silver jubilee celebration of Fr Bruno Yasun Kiulu

Nov 8

1989 Blessing of Seri Murni Hostel (former KK Seminary) run by RGS by Msgr Piong
1990 Retreat for youth leaders Nov 8-9 CDC
1991 7th CWL Assembly Nov 8-11 BTRC
2015 PAX Assembly Nov 8-11 Pace Bene Purak
2016 Clergy Meeting Vianney Home Nov 08-09

Nov 9

1986 Blessing of SH Grotto KK by Msgr Lee
1990 10th PAX Youth Assembly Nov 9-11 BTRC
1995 11th CWL Assembly Nov 9-12 BTRC
1996 Blessing of St Joseph Hall Kiulu by Bp Lee
2003 Talk on Infancy Narratives by Fr Lionel Goh ofm SHPC Nov 9-11
Chinese Bible seminar by Fr Lionel Goh Nov 9-13 SHPC

Nov 10

1975 Priestly ordination of Deacon Lucas Ho CSsR of Labuan in Singapore
1995 Statewide BM charismatic youth conference by Fr Yohanes Indrakusama ocd of Indonesia Nov 10-12
2000 St Simon Chapel upgraded to St Simon Church by Bp Lee

Nov 11

1978 Priestly ordinations of Deacons Thomas Makajil & William Poilis by Bp Fung, St Michael Penampang
1991 6th CWL Assembly Nov 11-14 BTRC
1993 KK diocesan youth festival Nov 11-13 SHPH
6th FSIC General Chapter Nov 11-18: Sr Aquinas Voon reelected as superior general
1994 LJCCC leaders Joseph Chee, Daniel Kong & Anthony Lim attend conference in Rome Nov 11-15
1996 Priestly ordination of Deacon Lazorous Uhin by Bp Piong Toboh Tambunan
2003 Silver jubilee of Frs Thomas Makajil & William Poilis
2018 Ruby jubilee of Fr Thomas Makajil

Nov 12

1977 Tambunan teachers recollection by Fr Jan vd Salm, St Theresa Tambunan
1989 Blessing of Our Lady Queen of Peace Kobusak by Bp Lee
1994 10th CWL Asembly Nov 12-14 BTRC
2003 18th CWL Assembly Nov 12-15 BTRC
2013 Death of Fr Peter Ma in New York

Nov 13

1978 Inaugural Aggiornamento facilitated by Fr Jose Calle sj, Sr Julma Neo dc & Teresita Nitorreda Nov 13-17, 20-22 KK Seminary
1996 Vocation seminar conducted by Putri Karmel Nov 13-15
2015 SHC/CMI PPC members undergo Emmaus Weekend Experience Nov 13-15 BTRC
2016 Abp Wong’s Pastoral Visit, St Simon Likas

Nov 14

1975 Episcopal ordination of Fr Simon Fung as vicar apostolic SHC & blessing of SH Parish Hall
1983 Inaugural statewide CCR conference held in KK Nov 14-20
1984 Blessing of airconditioned St Simon Chapel Likas by Bp Fung
1986 Inaugural Marriage Encounter Weekend Nov 14-16 BTRC
1991 11th PAX Youth Assembly Nov 14-17 BTRC
1995 3rd CCR trilingual conference  Nov 14-17
1997 Faith motivation camp organized by Sabah Catholic Campus Ministry Team Nov 14-16 St John Tuaran
2010 Priestly ordination of Deacon Clement Abel Anggas by Bp Piong

Nov 15

1970 Episcopal ordination of Fr Peter Chung Hoan Ting of Miri as coadjutor to Bp Buis SHC
1985 Inaugural statewide CWL seminar Nov 15-17 BTRC
1993 School of Evangelisation course in Sandakan Nov 15-27
2001 Program Pembetukkan Pelayan-pelayan Belia (PPPB 2) Nov 15-18 BTRC

Nov 16

1971 Formation of CWL SHC w/ Sarah Connor as president & Theresa Regis as adviser
1985 Death of Bishop Simon Fung, 54, of cancer in Melbourne Australia
1990 Statewide youth camp in Sandakan Nov 16-19
1996 Silver jubilee of CWL SHC
2000 Jubilee of women SHPC Nov 16-18
2002 4th East Malaysian Catholic Women Conference Nov 16-21 BTRC

Nov 17

1982 Seminar for parents Kepayan Nov 17-18
1988 4th CWL Assembly Nov 17-20 BTRC
1994 Neo-catecheumenal communities convivience (living together) Nov 17-20 Likas Sports Complex Hostel
2000 Walking pilgrimage by Joseph Leong & Vincent Rajah from Lok Kawi Sabindo to St Patrick Kinuta Papar Nov 17-18
Death  of Fr John Heuschen mhm
 2004 Death  of Fr Thomas Sham Shen Tsing @ Yu Kee
2012 Priestly ordination of Deacon Giovanni C Sugau cse by Bp Piong

Nov 18

1935 Death of Fr Anthony Haidegger mhm
1989 Blessing of new St Edmund Kota Belud by Bp Lee
1990 Blessing of St Thomas Kepayan by Msgr Piong
1994 Franciscan missionary charism workshop Nov 18-27, Stella Maris Hostel Tg Aru
1995 Inaugural CCR Council for Asia Pacific General Assembly Nov 18-22 BTRC

Nov 19

1949 Blessing of new St Francis Convent School by Bp Buis; school under the supervision of Srs Eugenie, St Luke, Baprist, John Fisher & St John
1982 Bible seminar by Fr Nicholas Ong Nov 19-20 Sandakan
1987 3rd statewide CWL Assembly Nov 19-22 BTRC
1989 Priestly ordination of Deacon Julius Dusin Gitom by Bp Lee, Bundu Tuhan
1993 Bible seminar KSFX Nov 19-21
2016 35th Dedication Anniversary of Sacred Heart Cathedral KK

Nov 20

1981 2nd interparish choral festival Yayasan Sabah
1992 Healing services conducted by Fr Robert de Grandis ssj, Eric & Ann Ross Fitch Nov 20-21 SHC
1998 14th CWL Assembly Nov 20-23 BTRC
2016 Closing of Jubilee Year of Mercy

Nov 21

1976 NFP talks by Sr Rosalind Chan fmm Nov 21-22, Beaufort
1981 Dedication of Sacred Heart Cathedral by Bp Fung, among invitees were Cardinal Sin of Manila, Abp Renato Martino, etc
Bible Seminar Nov 21-22 KK Seminary
1985 Funeral of Bishop Fung SHC
1989 Priestly ordination of Deacon Ambrose Atang by Bp Lee Limbahau
1998 141st foundation anniv celebration of Catholicism in Labuan
2003 Life in the Word Retreat by Abp John Ha & Dr Jeffrey Goh Nov 21-23 BTRC
2016 Abp Wong’s Visit to FSP community Karamunsing

Nov 22

1981 SHC youth Mass
1983 Death of Fr Alfred McCarthy mhm, 82, Liverpool England
1985 Election of Msgr Lee as Diocesan Administration by Council of Priests
1987 Blesseing of FSIC Holy Family Residence for senior citizens Purak Papar by Bp Lee
1998 Joy of Discovery Study Course Nov 22-28 Tg Aru
2001 16th CWL Assembly Nov 22-25 BTRC

   Nov 23

1972 Blessing of Holy Family Telipok by Bp Chung
1986 Priestly ordination of Deacon John Mansul by Abp Chung St Michael Penampang
1998 2nd Keningau CCR Convention Nov 23-26 Toboh Tambunan
2015 Sandakan organizes Rakan Belia Camp in preparation for SYD4 in Tawau Nov 23-27

Nov 24

1979 Youth Mass Limbahau/Papar
1985 Priestly ordination of Deacon David Sham by Abp Soter Fernandez SHC
1991 RCIA/CIC seminar by Sr Celine Murphy, Fr Michale Fewell & Christiopher Walker Nov 24-30 BTRC
1995 SH CIC retreat Nov 24-26 BTRC
2012 Priestly ordination of Mercedarian Deacon James Chia

Nov 25

1987 Bp Lee’s pastoral visit to Tawau
1990 Priestly ordination of Deacon Charles Chiew by Bp Lee KSFX
1993 Silver jubilee of FSIC Srs Celestine Nandu & Cabrini Mobilik
2000 Blessing of Sacred Heart Parish Centre KK by Bp Lee
2015 Good Shepherd Services (M) campaigns to end violence against women and children in Sabah Nov 25-Dec 10

Nov 26

1983 1st profession of FSIC Novices Rosario, Jude, Dolores, Hilary & Lawrencia; final profession of Srs Grace, Lucian & Wivina, SHC
2000 Final profession of Sr Patricia M Barasik rgs, 32, of Ranau, officiated by Bp Piong KSFX

Nov 27

1987 Seminar for Sunday School teachers Nov 27-28 Sandakan
1998 Inaugural KK diocesan catechetical conference Nov 27-29 KDCA/Golfview
2016 Abp Wong’s Pastoral Visit, Terawi

Nov 28

1949 First group of candidates from St Francis Convent sit for Junior Cambridge Cert Exam (Form 3): 3 out of 4 passed – Veronica Koray, Nellie Khoo & Pushpa Ragharan
1982 Bible seminar Tg Aru Nov 28-30
1994 Final profession of FSIC Srs Cecilia Wong, Dorothy Aron, Apolonia Gampu officiated by Msgr Jouil
2015 Meeting of Sandakan diocesan and parish human development committees in Tawau

Nov 29

1987 2nd Colloquium (teachers’ development programme), BTRC Nov 29-Dec 1
1995 Commemoration of the 50th death anniversary of the death of Msgr Wachter & companions during WW2, St Michael Penampang
2001 Silver jubilee of FSIC Srs Germaine Angkangon, Hilda Gundolot, Bernardine Avitus & Dominc Thien

Nov 30

1997 KK diocesan youth consultation Nov 30-Dec 3 BTRC
2001 Student ministry/teachers/student leaders gathering Nov 30-Dec 2
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