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this month in history

1976 Fr Hiu retires from active ministry.
1977 PAX Catechetical Commission formed under Br Charles O’Leary fsc.

June 1

1973 Blessing of Our Lady of Taipa Kudat
1979 Full time assistant employed for Sabah Catholic Welfare
1996 Launching of Keningau diocesan pastoral planning blueprint during PUKAT 3 June 1-3, Toboh Tambunan.
2003 37th world communication day celebrated in Kota Marudu
Youth rally in Kiulu June 1-4
2016 Priests’ Transfer: SHC-Fr Maxmillianno Hontor, Fr Joshua Liew; Kudat/Kota Marudu-Fr Jalius Sading; Papar-Fr Thomas Madanan; Tuaran-Fr Abel Madisang; Terawi-Fr Federick Raymond
2017 Pentecost Rally SHC June 1-4 (CCR golden jubilee)

June 2

1952 Death of Fr Clement Epping mhm
1983 Inaugural crowning of Mary’s statue by LOM Toboh.
2003 CWL coordinators retreat Borneo Paradise Hotel Kinarut June 2-5.
2007 Priestly ordinations of Deacons Claudius Andrew & Rudolf Joannes Tambunan

June 3

1892 Fr Prenger returns to Inobong from London.
1980 Beaufort youth seminar June 3-4
1994 Inaugural Keningau youth conference in Tambunan June 3-5
2001 Launching of yearlong KK diocesan silver jubilee celebration by Bp Lee

June 4

1983 Catechetical seminar Kg Tombonyon Manggatal
1995 9th Sandakan Good Tidings Festival
2001 Priestly ordination of Deacon Jalius Sading by Bp Lee in newly blessed St Peter Claver Ranau

June 5

1966 Death of Fr James Morris mhm
1971 Inaugural PAX Board meeting SHC
1973 Opening of Kudat Catholic Youth Hall
1982 Anthony Chan ADK of Tawau received papal award Benne Merrent from Bp Fung
1992 PPC leadership seminar KSFX Keningau June 5-7
1996 Diocesan Pastoral Planning Workshop (DPPW) I BTRC June 5-9 facilitated by Fr Manny Guazon
1997 KK Diocesan Pastoral Planning Workshop (DPPW) II BTRC June 5-8 facilitated by Fr Manny Guazon

June 6

1941 Death of Fr Adrian Klerk mhm
1972 Blessing of St Catherine Inanam by Apostolic Delegate Msgr Moretti
Final profession of La Salle Br Justin Mobilik of Nosoob, Penang
1976 Death of layleader Datuk Peter Mojuntin w/ several others in a plane crash near Sembulan
1982 60th anniv of SRK Holy Trinity Tawau
1988 Start of one-year preparatory course for diocesan aspirants CDC under Fr John Chong of Kuching
2002 Dialogue session between SHC education committee & diocesan education commission SHPC
2003 Franciscan novitiate house transferred to St Mary of the Angels Kg Purak Papar
2016 SYD4 in Tawau June 6-10

June 7

1986 15th PAX Assembly Keningau themed Vatican II: Role of Laity Past & Future
1987 Start of Marian Year

June 8

1944 Death of Fr Cornelius Quadekker mhm
2003 6th KK/Keningau catechetical commissions meeting CDC

June 9

2002 Final professions of RGS Srs Maria Dipal, 32 (Keningau), Angeline Peter Limban, 31 (Kiulu), St John Tuaran, officiated by Bp Lee
2003 “Scripture in the New Millennium Conference” by Dr Elizabeth McNamer SHPC June 9-12

June 10

1994 1st profession of FSIC novices Patricia Limun (Keningau), Christina Mosiol (Sandakan), Marysia Angku (Ranau) & Emelda Gabertan (Sandakan), officiated by Msgr Primus Jouil St Paul Dontozidon
2003 Talk on centering prayer by Br Peter Foo fsc June 10-11

June 11

1988 Opening of new Don Bosco Children Home Bundu Tuhan
1995 Death of Zeta Bte Raphael, 69, mother of Fr Ambrose Atang Limbahau
1999 PRW in Kudat/Kota Marudu/Sandakan June 11-13
2016 Abp Wong blesses St Dominic Savio Kg Mandalipau Papar

June 12

1993 Inaugural East Malaysian Catholic Women Conference BTRC June 12-16
1999 Final profession of Srs Patricia Limun, Emelda Gabertan, Christina Mosoil & Marysia Angku Stella Maris, officiated by Bp Lee
2000 Faith & Science Symposium by Fr Denis Edwards BTRC June 12-23
2003 Death of Sr Mary Berchmans O’Sullivan fmsj in Ireland
2016 Opening of Papar Learning Centre for Indonesian migrant children by Indonesian Consul

June 13

1973 Ecumenical prayer service All Saints Cathedral KK
1992 Priestly ordination of Deacon Aloysius Fidelis by Bp Lee St John Tuaran
1994 Association of Sabah Catechists (PERKAS) Assembly Purun Kuala Penyu June 13-15
1996 Death of Fr Michael Hurley mhm, 68
2018 PAX Assembly BTRC June 13-16

June 14

1989 Bible seminar by Fr John Ha June 14-16 SHPC

June 15

1949 FMSJ Superior General Sr Celestine visits St Francis Convent
1988 Catholic Family seminar in Beaufort June 15-17
1994 Joy of Discovery Course BTRC June 15-19
2014 Priestly ordination of Deacon Maxmillianno Hontor by Abp Wong Inanam
2016 Death of Fr Georg Bauer mhm, 84, in Germany

June 16

1952 Death of Fr Joseph Oss mhm
1979 Seminar for primary school teachers
1980 Catechetical seminar for parents SHC June 16-17
1985 Death of Fr Sigbert Terpstra in Holland
1990 Launching of Fr Peter Abas’ album Tuhan No Ralan Dewan PCPC

June 17

2018 KK archdiocesan youth festival Tuaran June 17-21

June 18

1935 Death of Fr Nicholas Smeele mhm
1988 2nd adult catechesis for parents SHPH
2016 Catechetical seminar on methodologies by Fr Alvin Ho sj, SHPC

June 19

1971 FSP convent in Sabah closed down.

June 20

1941 1st profession FSIC Novices Immaculata Ho, Aloysius Malaim, Francis Thien, Consolata Thien
1945 Death of Fr Anthony Paulmichl mhm
1982 Ten received papal award Bene Merenti from Bp Fung: Tan Sri Ben Stephens, Francis Lee, Stanley Augustine, Bernadette Manjingkil (KK), Anthony Chan (Tawau), Vincent Ng (Sandakan), Clement Manson (Limbahau), Philip Suimin (Bundu Tuhan), Bridget Jaua & Emmanuel Maluda (Penampang)
1985 14th PAX Assembly: Our Youth & Signs of the Times SHPH June 20-22.  Guest speaker Fr John Reilly sj.  Received its first papal acknowledgement & apostolic blessing.
1995 BM bible course in Tuaran June 20-24

June 21

1977 PAX Liturgical Commission formed under Fr Tobias Chi
1980 Blessing of St Anthony Apin-Apin by Msgr Tobias Chi
1987 Golden jubilee of Sr Mary John of the Cross (Gisela) Ligunjang of Limbanak ocd
1991 Youth faith awareness camp CDC June 21-24
1995 Golden jubilee of Fr Gerard Preyde mhm
2003 Centenary Mass of SRK Sacred Heart by Bp Lee
2010 Fr John Wong of Sandakan appointed coadjutor to Abp Lee

June 22

1911 Opening of SHC KK with the first High Sung Mass in Jesselton presided by Fr Goossens.
1946 Final profession of Srs Immaculata Ho, Aloysius Malaim, Francis Thien & Consolata Thien St Joseph Papar
2013 Death of Fr Joseph Haas mhm

June 23

1974 Formation of CWL Kudat
1989 Death of Sr Aloysius Malaim fsic
1990 Final profession of FSP Srs Agnes Wong & Magdalene Chong SHC officiated by Msgr Piong
1991 Inaugural Children’s Liturgy of the Word SHC
2003 Bible course for the Laity (Mark) SHPC June 23-Sept 12

June 24

1984 Canonical establishment of Secular Franciscan Order (SFO) SHC
1985 Talks by Fr John Reilly sj SHPH June 24-28
1995 Groundbreaking ceremony of SHC multipurpose complex by Bp Lee
1999 24th PAX Assembly BTRC June 24-27
2000 Talk on social dimension of Jubilee Year 2000 by Br Anthony Rogers fsc June 24-26

June 25

1961 Formation of Catholic Social Welfare Association by Bp Buis.  It was renamed Sabah Catholic Welfare on 4 June 1963; dissolved on 30 June 1974 and revived on 13 Aug 1976.
1981 Forum on charms, mediums & evil spirits SHC
1983 Formation of Penampang charismatic prayer group under Frankie Limus
1990 Bible seminar by Sr Monina Baybay fsp in KK/Kepayan/Penampang June 25-30
1998 KK diocesan colloquium on the diocesan vision BTRC June 25-28

June 26

1971 1st profession of FSP Novice Clare Jipiu of Kolopis in Rome
1987 Episcopal ordination/installation of Msgr John Lee as 2nd bishop of KK.  Fr Cornelius Piong appointed as vicar general
1992 6th Sandakan Good Tidings Festival
Blessing of St Anthony Church/Hall Tenom
1994 St Yohanes Pembaptis Sipitang becomes 9th parish in Keningau Diocese
1995 Frs Charles Chiew & Julius Gitom leave for licentiate studies in Rome
1999 Priestly ordination of Deacon Benedict Daulis by Bp Piong KSFX Keningau
2012 Episcopal silver jubilee of Abp Lee
2016 Abp Emeritus Lee celebrates 29th episcopal ordination anniversary with SHC-CMI PPC & PFC members, Vianney Home

June 27

1993 7th Sandakan Good Tidings Festival
1995 Death of Fr Dominic Bekema, 80, at Blauwhius Holland
2006 Death of Fr Gerard Preyde mhm
2016 CAC staff pilgrimage to Kudat

June 28

1981 Final profession of Srs Rosalie Lojiu & Mauricia Tangit in Pasay City Philippines
1986 Silver jubilee of Sr Brigid Mary Lo Su Yun fsic
1992 Inaugural one-month evangelization course BTRC
Formation of SH Kelompok Keluarga Katolik Indonesia KK (K3IKA)
1994 Death of St Philippa Angela Pupp fmsj, 82
1996 Fr William vd Salm stops over in Sabah to sort out the things left behind by his late brother Fr Jan
2003 Launching of SHC centenary celebration by Msgr Primus Jouil
2014 Priestly ordination of Deacon Jack Johimi Sigam by Abp Wong

June 29

1942 Priestly ordination of Deacon John Clementi mhm
1944 Priestly ordination of Deacon Joseph Dapoz mhm
1984 1st profession of FSP Novices Agnes Wong (KK) and Magdalene Chong (Tawau) Pasay City Philippines
13th PAX Assembly: We are the Church SHPH June 29-July 1.  Guest speaker: Fr John Reilly sj
1987 1st profession of FSP Novice Anna Yap (KK) Pasay City Philippines
1994 Golden jubilee of Fr Joseph Dapoz mhm
Formation of SH Biblical Apostolate
1988 Priestly ordination of Deacon Thomas Yip cdd
2001 Final profession of FSP Sr Mary Sualeh (Bundu Tuhan) Pasay City
2002 Final profession of FSP Sr Shirley Chong (KK), 37, CMI, officiated by Msgr Jouil
2008 Abp Lee receives pallium from Benedict XVI Vatican City
2009 Silver jubilee of Srs Agnes Wong & Magdalene Chong
2012 Silver jubilee of Sr Anna Yap
2013 Abp Wong receives pallium from Pope Francis Vatican City


June 30

1995 1st profession of FSP Novice Mary Sualeh Lipa City Philippines
1996 1st profession of FSP Novices Shirley Chong (KK) & Amely Liew (Tenghilan) Lipa City
2009 1st profession of FSP Novice Roseling Siaw Chen (Kuching) Lipa City
2010 1st profession of FSP Novice Laura Anggie (Tambunan) Lipa City
2015 Final profession of Sr Roseling Siaw Chen fsp Kuching
2017 Opening of Association of Pauline Cooperators Centenary celebration by Abp Wong, SH Chapel
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